Keeping Your Sanity during Your Tour of Duty, Pt 1

At Sapphire International Mobile Hotspot, we value connectivity, the ability to maintain your business dealings anywhere, at any time, and the freedom to stay in touch with your loved ones no matter what kind of physical distance separates you. Sapphire works around the clock to make sure that our wireless hotspots are keeping you connected.…read more

10 Tips for Staying Connected with Your Service Person When They’re Abroad, Pt 2

Welcome back to our blog page here at Sapphire International Mobile Hotspot! Since communication is what we do, we make it our business to have one of the best coverage maps you can find. With a presence on every continent and complete worldwide coverage being something that we aim to have in the near future,…read more

10 Tips for Staying Connected With Your Service Person While They’re Overseas, Pt 1

At Sapphire Mobile Hotspot, the name of the game is staying connected. We work endlessly to ensure that you can keep up with the stock market trends while you’re on your business trip in Eastern Europe, stay connected to friends and family while you’re deployed in Columbia, or pay bills online while you’re traveling in…read more

Tips for Business Travel in Indonesia

Not everyone is aware of the fact that Indonesia is actually one of the largest countries in the world—it is the fourth most populated country. Because of how many people there are in Indonesia, it is highly likely that international business travelers will find themselves in this country at some point or another. If you…read more

Tips for Business Travel in Singapore

More and more U.S. companies are traveling to Asian countries to do business, and Singapore is no exception. These economic powerhouses, including China, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines, are seeing more and more business travel from the West. When you visit Singapore, you might be shocked to recognize many chains from back home. That being…read more

Tips for Business Travel in England

If you have never been to England before, you are probably eagerly anticipating your impending business trip there. Because the United States was first colonized by England and the two countries share a language, many business travelers make the mistake of assuming that there aren’t too many cultural differences to contend with when it comes…read more

Tips for Business Travel in Sweden

If you have never been to Scandinavia before, you are in for a real treat when you head to Sweden on business. This beautiful country is well-known for its gorgeous scenery, humanitarian efforts, and tasty meatballs. As lovely as Sweden is, just like any country, it has certain cultural norms that, if violated, can cause…read more

Tips for Business Travel in The Philippines

The Philippines is one of the largest countries in Asia, which is increasingly becoming a huge business ally to companies in the U.S. Much like the United States, The Philippines is influenced by many different cultures. While it sits in the heart of South Asia, it has been influenced by Mexico, the U.S., and Spain.…read more

Tips for Business Travel in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and the United States have a long history of working together well, so it isn’t surprising that you will soon be traveling there for work. However, the extensive history of good relations between these two countries isn’t sufficient to make a good impression on your Saudi colleagues. There are many cultural differences between…read more

Tips for Business Travel in Russia

Despite the current global political climate, many more companies across the world are conducting business with Russia. Over time, Russia has become increasingly westernized, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t cultural differences that U.S. citizens should keep in mind when meeting with their Russian colleagues. Cultural issues can make the difference between a successful…read more