10 Tips for Staying Connected With Your Service Person While They’re Overseas, Pt 1

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Anyone who has a family member or friend in the military has probably had to endure some time away due to tours of duty, training camps, or even being stationed abroad. Caring about a service person means that you have to be somewhat creative when trying to stay connected. Thankfully, we’re not in the era in which the only option for communication with faraway loved ones was letter writing; we live in the 21st century, and there are plenty of ways to stay in touch. In today’s two-part blog, we’re going to dive into some of the best tips for staying connected to your friends, family, and other loved ones who are stationed overseas. Continue reading on to learn more!

Tip #1: Plan Accordingly

When you’re looking at the reality of being parted from your spouse, child, or other loved one due to military service, it’s vital that you take steps to ensure great communication while they’re overseas. Since some tours can last an extended period of time, it’s vital that you have a solid plan in motion. With Sapphire International Mobile Hotspot, you can have reliable internet access and international WIFI almost everywhere on the globe. When coming up with your communication course of action, make sure that Sapphire is a part of your plan.

Tip #2: Send a Care Package

As anyone who’s taken a tour of duty can attest to, when you’re away from your home country for an extended period of time, there are certain guilty pleasures that you dearly miss. For example, certain products that are readily available in American grocery stores are impossible to find in other countries. For this reason, a care package with your loved one’s favorite treats and other entertainment memorabilia might mean so much! Try and send a package for every major holiday and make sure that you remember your loved one’s birthday. Though it takes a little bit of effort on our part, care packages mean so much to the military members who receive them.

Tip #3: Stay Connected on Social Media

Thanks to Sapphire International Hotspots, your loved one in the military can keep up on life at home via Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Make sure that you’re regularly updating your profile, connecting through messenger, and posting pictures of yourself, your family, and your life. This will help your military service person feel like they’re still a relevant part of your life by being “there in spirit,” even if they’re not there in person. Though they might not be able to post as regularly as you due to their rigorous schedule and significant time change, seeing what’s going on in your life will mean a lot to them.

Tip #4: Be Realistic

The first tour of duty or station abroad can come along with a few assumptions and misconceptions on both sides of the coin. Most people find out the hard way that having a loved one on a tour or training overseas isn’t as cut and dry as we might wish. For this reason, it’s important to stay realistic. Chances are, your loved one is living in a completely different time zone and it will take some flexibility to make sure that you’re communicating regularly. Additionally, anyone in the military can tell you that schedules can sometimes change and those “appointments” that you make to talk on the phone might have to be moved when a conflict arises. As you can see, it’s very important to stay realistic and flexible when it comes to communication with your loved one who is abroad.

Serving in any branch of the military can have its own unique challenges. Serving a tour in a foreign country can have a completely different set of challenges. Not only is your loved one trying to acclimate to the new time zone, new country, new people, and new food, they’re trying to get used to being so far away from the people they know and love. Making sure that you’re doing everything that you can to remind your serving loved one that they’re gone (for now), but not forgotten is vital. It isn’t easy, but remembering that nothing lasts forever might help you get through this season a little bit easier.

That’s all for part one of our blog series! Stay tuned for part two which will emerge shortly! In the meantime, make sure that you check out our website and look into all of our amazing products and data plans. Have questions or you need to upgrade your plan? We’d love to help you find the plan that’s right for you!