Why Video Chat is the Best Way To Communicate With Loved Ones Overseas

Man in military getting ready to video chatIf you’re a military service member, you probably know what it’s like to spend extended time away from your loved ones. Whether it’s your parents, your siblings, best friends, a spouse, children, or all of the above, you’re going to spend time far away from them, usually overseas. Spending time away can be challenging throughout your deployment, but luckily, we live in a day and age where it’s easier than it’s ever been to maintain international communication. Video chat is the best way to communicate with loved ones overseas.

The last decade or so has given rise to video chat as a viable form of long-distance communication. Instead of sending emails or talking via phone calls, we now have the option to look people in the eyes and converse with them from a distance of thousands of miles away. Video chat is a godsend for service members who spend a long time away from the special people in their life. 

With a Sapphire Mobile Hotspot device, you’ll be able to engage in video calls at any given moment. Whether you’re on a plane, in a car, or walking around a base, you can call your loved ones and talk with them face to face. Here are some reasons why video chat is ideal for extended long-distance separation:

It’s More of a Commitment

When separated for weeks or months, it’s essential to maintain the intimacy of a relationship: spouse, family, or friend. Text-based communication such as email is highly impersonal, and phone calls, while better, are still not ideal, given how easy it is to get distracted by other things.

For a long time, soldiers abroad had no other choice; letter writing was the only form of long-distance communication for centuries, and the ability to make phone calls was a world-changing revelation. There were more than enough people in former times that made it just fine using what they had, which, of course, means that you’re not dooming your relationship by resorting to more old-school methods. However, the question is, if there are better alternatives, why wouldn’t you use them?

Video chat is a step up from phone calls and text communication in many ways, and one of the reasons it’s best for long-term separation is because it requires more commitment. You have to direct your attention towards the call, and you can’t just have it on as background noise while you do other things. In a sense, you have to put more effort into it, which is a healthy way to cultivate a relationship. When two people are willing to put forth the time to engage in video calls regularly, they’re both going out of their way to keep a healthy relationship alive much more than they would with other communication mediums.

You Can Keep Up With Changes

Time doesn’t stand still during your deployment. Countless changes happen, some mundane, some life-changing. With video chat, we have the unprecedented ability to see things that are thousands of miles away in real-time. Video chat is the best way to communicate because it allows the people on both sides to keep up with what’s going on with each other in a much more real way than a phone call could provide.

New haircuts, outfits, injuries, pets, weight loss, and surrounding environments are all examples of things you can show off to your loved one in a video chat. Video chat goes a long way into making your separation more bearable; when both parties feel current with each other’s goings-on, it makes your bond feel more tangible.

And let’s not forget about life-changing moments that often come out of nowhere. Seeing your newborn child, for example, is a moment you won’t want to miss. In these instances, it’s convenient to have international WiFi on hand, so you can tune in and be a part of the experience right away. If you spend extended time in foreign territories, consider picking up a Sapphire Wireless Internet Hotspot!

Video Chat is the Best Way to Communicate: Multiple People Can Join In

One of the great joys of a video call is being able to talk to not just one person, but two, or three, or seventeen! Because video chat allows you to see an entire room, you’re not limited to communicating with just one person. Letters and email are inferior choices for communicating with multiple people at once, and phone calls, while serviceable, aren’t ideal due to the muddled voices and sounds.

In a video chat, you can chat with as many people as you want, all at once. This is great for so many purposes; entire families can chat with each other instead of having to pass a phone around. Got children? They will love being able to get together and talk with you as if you were standing in the room with them. Got a circle of best friends at home? You’ll be able to get the gang all together again, just like old times. Video chat is simply the best way to communicate.

When you have an overseas WiFi router that provides internet anywhere, you won’t have to worry about missing golden opportunities to chat with unexpected people due to lack of service or internet access. Say there’s a big gathering at home, and there are a lot of relatives who you haven’t been able to keep up with; being able to communicate with them instantaneously will be a boon for everyone involved.

It’s the Closest You Can Get to Real Life

The last argument for video chat comes down to common sense — it’s the closest thing we have to real life, so why not take advantage of it? For millennia, humanity has been quick to embrace any new forms of communication; smoke signals and carrier pigeons aren’t entirely necessary when you have emails and phones.

Video chat is the best way to communicate. Slowly becoming the new phone call — millions of people use this technology every day, and many have found that the advantages, such as the ones listed above, make it the best choice for long-distance communication.

Perhaps, someday, video chat will be rendered obsolete by some incredible new technology. Maybe holograms or some form of virtual reality communication will eventually overtake it. But for now, it’s the best we’ve got, so why not take advantage?

Video Chat Anywhere and Everywhere with International Portable WiFi

The advantages of video chat are abundant. However, there’s still one crucial bottleneck — it relies on the internet. When you’re abroad, especially internationally, you won’t always have access to the internet, and these moments can be frustrating when there’s some special occasion where being able to see your loved one would make your day.

If you’re a military service member, a Sapphire Mobile Hotspot is the perfect choice for you. In those moments where you can’t get internet through traditional means, you’ll be able to get it from your wireless hotspot. This allows you to keep up with your loved ones in the best way at all times. Securing internet access can be a frustrating hassle for military service members, especially when they’re moving around a lot. Eliminate that frustration by getting a Sapphire today! Contact us today to find the best data plan for your needs.