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Not your average router. This small yet powerful Router is durable, weatherproof and includes a mounting kit to easily attach to your home, office and even vehicles


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CloudSIM Router Comes with 6GB of Global Data

See what all you can do with just 6GB!

  • Send 200,000 WhatsApp text messages
  • Upload 2,000 photos to social media
  • Navigate using Google Maps for 45 hours
  • Send 40,000 text e-mails
  • Browse the web for 200 hours
  • Stream 36 hours of music

Latest technology & Connectivity solutions that really work

Our CloudSIM Router offers powerful coverage and features that let you access 4G LTE connections in any location and any condition.

Secure Personal Wi-Fi

Plug & Play solution.


Your private local network is password protected. Connect an unlimited number of devices!

4G LTE Network

Upload and Download speeds up to 4G

Supports international bands by major carriers

Portable and Light

Use it for your home internet, or secondary home!



Indoor and outdoor usage (-40°C – +60°C tested)

Anti-slip and drop resistant design

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  • "Sapphire keeps me connected on all of my adventures! I can connect my phone and laptop at once without any lagging speeds. Totally essential for all of my trips!"
    Travel Blogger
130+ Country Coverage
Up to 4G LTE Speeds
Global Data Included 1GB 2GB
Password Protected
Connect up to 5 Devices
SIM Card Slot
Google Maps
Touch Screen
Power Bank
Battery Life 12 Hours 12 Hours
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