Discover our S2 Portable Hotspot

Get connected with our S2 Portable Hotspot. Connect in 130+ countries right out of the box. 1GB of global data free and included.

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Sapphire 2 Comes with 1GB of Global Data

See what all you can do with just 1GB!

  • Send 34,000 WhatsApp messages
  • Upload 4,000 photos to social media
  • Navigate using Google Maps for 17 hours
  • Send 10,000 e-mails
  • Browse the web for 44 hours
  • Stream 8 hours of music

New Look. More Data.
Same Game-Changing Technology.

Meet Sapphire 2, redesigned and faster than ever! With a new modern look and even more data included, Sapphire 2 is the ultimate travel companion for any global adventure.

Secure Personal Wi-Fi

Your private local network is password protected and works with up to 5 devices.

4G LTE Network

Upload and Download speeds up to 4G

Portable and Light

Perfect size for any traveler on the go

Long Lasting

The high capacity lithium ion battery lasts up to 12 hours per charge.

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  • "Sapphire keeps me connected on all of my adventures! I can connect my phone and laptop at once without any lagging speeds. Totally essential for all of my trips!"
    Travel Blogger
130+ Country Coverage
Up to 4G LTE Speeds
Global Data Included 1GB 2GB
Password Protected
Connect up to 5 Devices
SIM Card Slot
Google Maps
Touch Screen
Power Bank
Battery Life 12 Hours 12 Hours
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