10 Tips for Staying Connected with Your Service Person When They’re Abroad, Pt 2

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In our previous blog post, we discussed the first four tips out of our top ten for staying connected to your loved one who is serving in the military overseas. We talked about the value of sending a care package, the importance of having a plan for communication, the need for staying on top of your social media, and the benefits to staying realistic when it comes to staying in touch with someone in the military. In today’s post, we’re going to look at the last six tips for staying connected to your service person who is overseas. Let’s dive in!

Tip #5: Try to Schedule Regular Meeting/Talk Times

We understand that this can be tough, especially when considering the rigid requirements that the military has and the extremely different time zones that your military service person might be dealing with. But even with these obstacles, it’s vital that you try to keep a regular schedule for talking or skyping; often times, if you don’t plan regular communication, it doesn’t happen as frequently as it needs to. Many couples and families schedule weekly calls that accommodate each time zone every other week. E.g., some people schedule their communication with a military loved one during the early hours of the morning one week, which might be a good time for the person on the other end, and late at night the next. Whatever you have to do to try to talk regularly, make sure that you’re making the effort to do so.

Tip #6: Send Letters

We understand that this is an incredibly lost art these days. Many people haven’t sent a letter through “snail mail” in years. However, there is something so comforting about reading a letter that was handwritten by someone whom you love. When your military friend or family member reads your words and holds the letter that you took the time to write out and send them, they’ll feel the love even more. We’re not saying that you should rely on letter-writing solely, but we do think that it’s a nice addition to all of the technical communication that you’re already doing.

Tip #7: Mix It Up

Though talking on the phone is so valuable and it makes for a nice way to stay connected with your service person who is living abroad, it is far from the only way that you can and should stay in touch. Many people simply aren’t phone talkers and can start to find it tedious. Additionally, seeing your loved one’s face when you’re communicating is so great as you can share so much more quality time during that conversation. Try and incorporate phone calls, Skype sessions, emails, Snapchats, letters, and anything else that will help you stay connected to the one that you love!

Tip #8: Send Pictures

Here is another chance for you to send something tangible to your loved one who is serving in the military internationally. Again, you might be wondering why you should send a physical picture when we live in a day and age with Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. The reality is that while virtual pictures are nice, they are no substitute for having a physical picture to hang on to. They can keep it with them when internet access isn’t allowed or media time isn’t encouraged. Additionally, in the event that your loved one’s phone or tablet breaks, you want to give them an opportunity to keep you and your family close.

Tip #9: Stay Connected Through Skype or Facetime

Thinking about the fact that only 50 years ago, people were limited to phone calls and letters, it’s almost hard to believe how far technological advancements have come. It’s amazing how you can talk to someone live, face-to-face instead of being limited to telephone communication. The beauty of having a face-to-face encounter is that you can see the face of the person you care about, see their expressions, and experience a deeper form of communication. You’re not limited to audible communication only, you are also given the opportunity to see the non-verbals. It’s the next best thing to being present with your loved one. Make sure that your military loved one is connected to an international hotspot through the expert technology at Sapphire!

Tip #10: Try and Stay Positive During Communication

For our 10th and final tip, we recommend that you stay positive when you’re communicating with your service person who is serving internationally. Though you may not always feel happy about the fact that they’re thousands of miles away or you may be going through your own frustrating life circumstances, it’s vital that you try to remain positive when you’re talking. The long distance away and life in the military is hard enough without having the extra pressure and stress of worrying about one’s family back home. We’re not saying that you paint a picture of something that is untrue, but we’re suggesting that you try and keep your encounters as positive as possible. Who knows, a weekly phone call to you could be the very thing to which your military service person looks forward all week long.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our list of tips for staying connected to a loved one who is serving internationally in the military. We really hope that you’ll be able to implement these tips and that they will help your communication immensely.

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