Tips for secure Wi-Fi overseas

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we travel. The iPhone hit the market in 2007, soon followed by Android devices and thousands of apps. The internet has also made it easier to make and change plans while traveling. Smartphones with fast download speeds allow us to get directions, make reservations, and even get fast translations on…read more

Take a family road trip this summer!

With Sapphire you can stay connected during summer travel, but where to go is a big decision. If you are returning from deployment overseas, a family adventure with a summer road trip can help you unwind and create amazing memories. Back in the USA, July is one of the most popular times for a family…read more

Local SIM Cards vs A Portable Wifi Device: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

It’s joked about often that the younger generations are permanently attached to technology — but given how handy smartphones are, can we really blame them? When it comes to traveling abroad, having quick access to everything from digital maps to translation services on one pocket-sized device can make your trip infinitely easier.  Finding service to…read more