Tips for secure Wi-Fi overseas

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we travel. The iPhone hit the market in 2007, soon followed by Android devices and thousands of apps. The internet has also made it easier to make and change plans while traveling. Smartphones with fast download speeds allow us to get directions, make reservations, and even get fast translations on the go.  To make your travels worry-free, we’ve pulled together some tips for secure wi-fi overseas.

Translate This

Try a new user-friendly app SayHi Translate. More than 40 languages come standard, and the app is geared towards conversational speaking, rather than formal business “speak.” You can add more languages and specific dialects with in-app purchases.


The Truth About “Free” Wi-Fi

Staying connected while abroad is a must-have for most travelers. Being able to get online for maps, reservations, uber rides, and to surf is vital.  But travelers beware – even with the hundreds of new helpful apps, and “free” access to the internet, there are some hidden risks. In fact, overseas travelers are becoming the most significant target for identity theft.

Public wi-fi hubs have no encryption process. Every time you connect, anyone using the same hotspot can see everything you’re doing. This means capturing social security numbers, credit card numbers and more.  While these hotspots are common and easy to access, they are hotbeds for identity theft. The best way to avoid this is to have a personal wi-fi hotspot.  In fact, Sapphire has been tested and is used by the US military – and you can imagine the level of security they require!

There’s an added bonus to purchasing a Sapphire too.  Not only will you keep your personal information secure, you can eliminate the worry of sky-high roaming fees.  You can pick your data plan best for the countries you are traveling to, and load the data using CloudSIM technology.

The next time you travel, make sure you are safe and secure so you can really enjoy your destination without added worry.  Visit for our full product line.