How Do I Get WiFi When Traveling in Europe?

What are you looking forward to most on your upcoming trip to Europe? Is it the food? The culture? The cobblestone streets? There are myriad reasons to head to Europe. And one fun reason is that it gives you the chance to fill your passport with stamps — without wasting a ton of time on travel. Since so many European countries are a quick train ride away, the industrious traveler can tally up several new countries visited, even with only a week or two of vacation time. The flip-side, of course, is that while the European Union is united, it is still individual comprised of individual countries with their governing bodies. Most of the time, that’s a benefit; however, when it comes to phone calls and internet connections, the number of countries in Europe can complicate things. 

Why Bother With Internet Abroad?

The high cost of an international phone plan and the data connection is widely known — which is to say that adding international options to your existing service is so expensive that we all gripe about it. So, why even bother? Generally, the answer is a combination of safety and convenience. You can skip the international phone service easily, thanks to calling apps like Skype, FaceTime, and WhatsApp. A secure internet connection is invaluable. Everything from your email app to video calls with family back home, they all rely on an international data plan when traveling abroad. Your options for internet while traveling through Europe include: 


Buying Local SIM Cards

Buying local SIM cards are the go-to option for most international travelers. It’s a lot less expensive than purchasing a global phone plan, and it lets you keep all of your apps and documents, and the phone works like a local smartphone. That means paying local rates for calling and internet use. The downside is that if you’ll be visiting multiple countries, you’ll need a new SIM card and plan for each one. 

Portable WiFi Hotspot

Thanks to the number of apps that let you do things like call loved ones over a WiFi connection, it’s possible to skip the phone service altogether and rely solely on WiFi. As you travel through Europe, WiFi hotspot devices are one way to maintain a reliable connection. To power that portable WiFi hotspot, though, you’ll want to plan. Most options rely on phone service, which branches into the issues mentioned above. However, Sapphire travel WiFi hotspot provides a better alternative. Only power on your travel WiFi device, choose your country and data options and connect securely to your own WiFi signal. Learn more and grab your Europe WiFi hotspot online today!