Countries in Which You’ll Need Your Own WiFi Hotspot, Pt 2

Welcome back! Here at Sapphire International Mobile Hotspot, we’re staying as busy as ever in our efforts to connect you with the people you love, the entertainment that you crave, and the convenience that you need. Whether you need a great mobile hotspot for traveling internationally for business, or you’re looking for a reliable source…read more

Countries in Which You’ll Need Your Own WiFi Hotspot, Pt 1

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The Best Gifts for Your Overseas Service Person, Pt 1

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Our Biggest Tips for International Business Travel, Pt 1

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10 Tips for Staying Connected With Your Service Person While They’re Overseas, Pt 1

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Tips for Business Travel in England

If you have never been to England before, you are probably eagerly anticipating your impending business trip there. Because the United States was first colonized by England and the two countries share a language, many business travelers make the mistake of assuming that there aren’t too many cultural differences to contend with when it comes…read more

Tips for Business Travel in Germany

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Tips for Staying Productive While Traveling Abroad

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International Business Etiquette Tips

Going on international business trips is a thrill that keeps you striving for similar opportunities for years to come. That being said, as fun as these trips are, it’s extremely important to take the etiquette behind these events seriously. The nuances of international business etiquette can be confusing for many, but it is worth the…read more

A Guide to Sleeping on an International Flight

When you’re traveling internationally, there is a high chance you are taking an overnight flight, also known as a red eye. This way, you spend the night in the air, and by the time you wake up and arrive at your destination, it’s like no time passed at all and you’re ready to take on…read more