Countries in Which You’ll Need Your Own WiFi Hotspot, Pt 1

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Those of us hailing from countries that have fantastic sources for free and easy-to-use WiFi don’t realize what much of the rest of the world has to deal with. If you live in the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, or Lithuania, you’re probably used to fairly easy access to free WiFi. Living in these places and others with great internet access can easily cause one to forget what it’s like it other places in the world in which people aren’t quite as internet blessed. Many countries around the globe don’t have great opportunities for free WiFi and for that reason, it’s smart to try and find your own source for WiFi. In today’s two-part blog, we’re going to take a closer look at our list of countries that tend to lack awesome internet access or free WiFi. Continue reading on to learn more.


Even though internet first became available in Pakistan in the early 1990s, only an extremely slight percentage of people used it regularly at that time. In 2012, records showed that about 10 percent of the people in Pakistan were regular internet users. Today, that number is higher but not quite as significant a percentage than in some other countries.

Though some of the more major cities in Pakistan have some limited access to free WiFi, it’s far from being available throughout the entire region. When you find yourself traveling in Pakistan, make sure that you have your own source for international WiFi. A Sapphire hotspot can help you stay connected to friends and family, keep up on news from home, and conduct any and all business operations that you need to do. Let Sapphire make your trip to Pakistan a smooth one!


Known as one of the poorest countries in the Americas, Nicaragua is nestled between Honduras to the north, and Costa Rica to the south; both east and west coasts are bordered sea coasts. Since much of the country is living well below the poverty line, many Nicaraguan natives don’t have their own sources of internet. What’s more, when you’re traveling in Nicaragua and you want to have an uninterrupted source for internet, you’ll probably want to have your own hotspot. Some of the hotels in major cities have internet in common areas, but you definitely don’t want to risk it if you know you’ll be in need of it during your business trip.


Arranged neatly between China and India, Nepal is a country that has experienced a large amount of civil unrest in the past decades. This lasted from the 1990s until about 2008 with the signing of a peace treaty, a political election, and Nepal’s decision to become a federal republic. At that time, Nepal came to be known the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, putting an end to a 200-year Shah Dynasty.

As of this last year, about half of the country was registered as regular internet users; a number that has increased significantly since the last poll. The Internet is available in certain bigger cities in Nepal, but don’t just assume that your hotel will be able to provide it for you at no cost. If you are traveling for business to Nepal, make sure that you have access to a Sapphire hotspot for a great option for international WiFi.

If you’re someone who regularly travels for business, it’s vital that you think through the customs of the country you’ll be visiting, plan your stay according to the time you have to spend there and plan on having your own internet source.

Make sure that you stay tuned for part two of our blog series and in the meantime, check out Sapphire!

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