The Best Gifts for Your Overseas Service Person, Pt 1

When you’re on a business trip in a foreign country or you’re stationed overseas, there are plenty of things that help make your life easier. You do what you can to take care of yourself while traveling, you make sure that you have a plan for the duration of your stay, and you make sure that you always have access to the fastest, most reliable international WiFi. If you’ve ever had to try and find your own source of internet connections while you’re in a foreign country, you might understand how difficult it can be. Finding free WiFi in other countries might not be as accessible as what you’re used to.

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We all have that friend or loved one who is hard to buy gifts for; we shop, browse, and search for the gift that they’ll really love but somehow, always seem to miss the mark. Gift-giving for these types can become so frustrating that we eventually just ask them for a list or end up giving them a gift card or money.

We’ve found that it’s especially difficult to find great gifts for our loved ones who are serving overseas in the military. Could it be because the military life often comes with many moves and relocations, making the need for excess clutter obsolete? Whatever the reason for this difficulty, we’re here to help! In today’s two-part blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the most creative, unique, and sure-to-impress gift ideas for your military service person who is serving abroad. Continue reading on to learn more!

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

With all of the loud noises and seemingly endless cacophony that can come along with serving overseas in the military, a service person will get some great use out of noise-cancelling headphones. When you’re dealing with a variety of roommates and other distractions, having a pair of headphones that block all of those sounds out can be a huge benefit. Consider this gift for your deployed loved one! Need ideas for the best kinds out there? Take a look at a pretty solid list here.

Digital Bluetooth Speaker

When you’re stationed abroad, it’s nice to have things in your life that remind you of home. Having access to a great Bluetooth speaker that’s also mobile and is able to produce big sound is a huge plus. With this speaker, your military loved one will be able to take their music on trips, create fun environments in their living quarters, and so much more. Here is a list of great options!


What better gift to get someone who is serving internationally in the military than a new camera? When you’re encountering new places, new people, and new customs, being able to capture those moments is something that is important to most people. Whether your service person finds a new hobby in photography, takes pictures to help remember the country they’re in, or snaps photos for your benefit once they get home, a camera is the gift that keeps on giving. Feel free to browse some of the best ideas for purchasing a digital camera for your military service person. Give your military service person the gift of memories with a quality camera.

A New Tablet

If you’re looking to buy your military service person stationed abroad something that might also benefit you, you might get them a new tablet. With this device, you’ll be able to facetime and skype so much easier than with a phone. The larger screen will help those sessions be more enjoyable for your service person. Make sure that when you get this tablet, you’re also considering international WiFi capabilities. Pick up a Sapphire mobile hotspot data plan as well so that your loved one will always have internet access. Whether you decide to opt for a less expensive tablet or you decide to go with the most expensive one you can find, this is always a solid choice.

A Netflix Membership

We know what you might be thinking: can Netflix work overseas? The answer to that question is, yes! As of about two years ago, Netflix has expanded globally in all regions except China. Our favorite movie and TV streaming company is now accessible almost anywhere in the world. With a monthly membership, your international service person will be able to watch their favorite TV show and stream a movie when they have a night off. With the use of their portable hotspot, your service person will be good to go! Here is a helpful resource for those who are interested in giving Netflix as a gift.

Having a military service person who is stationed overseas can be extremely difficult for them, for you, and for everyone who cares about you. Between worrying about your stationed loved one and missing them, you’re thinking about them all the time. With these gift ideas, you’ll be able to give your service person not only something that will remind them of you, you’ll be able to give them something that they will actually want and use! Join us for part two of our blog series, and in the meantime, check out Sapphire hotspots!

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