Countries in Which You’ll Need Your Own WiFi Hotspot, Pt 2

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In our previous blog, we discussed how interesting it can be to visit a country that doesn’t have the best internet access when you’re used to having free WiFi around every corner. Since there are some countries of the world that have WiFi that’s readily available in many public places, and it’s often free or extremely reasonably priced, and some countries that don’t have that same open internet access, it’s good to have an idea of this before you venture to that country. The value of having your own source for international WiFi is unmatched when you think about the benefits and convenience that WiFi can provide you.

Last time, we looked at three countries, and the difficulties that lie therein when trying to connect to the internet via WiFi. When taking business trips to Pakistan, Nicaragua, and Nepal, remember that it might behoove you to have your own internet hotspot for international WiFi. If you’re planning on taking a business trip to one of these countries in the near future, make sure that you come prepared with a Sapphire hotspot!

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few more countries that can tend to present a few obstacles when trying to find great WiFi that’s easily accessible and free. Continue reading on to learn more!


As one of the few countries that contain some of the earliest civilizations for which we still have records and evidence today, Egypt gets almost 15 million international visitors each year. Though much of this number is representing tourists, as a huge epicenter for many businesses, work-related traveling accounts for a significant portion as well.

Though Egypt stands apart as an amazing source of rich history and archaeological magnificence, the countries WiFi availability sometimes leaves something to be desired. Though some cities have great options for free WiFi, you’ll probably do best to have your own internet hotspot. Let Sapphire help you keep your connectivity during your business trip to Egypt.


As one of only two countries in South America that are completely landlocked, Bolivia is a country that borders many others on its continent. With gorgeous landscape, beautiful Lake Titicaca, and some of the friendliest people, Bolivia is no stranger to its fair share of international travelers. However, if you find yourself venturing to Bolivia for a business trip, you may want to plan ahead and have your own internet hotspot so that you won’t have to worry about trying to find a place that offers it. Make sure that you get your Sapphire mobile hotspot before you make your way to Bolivia!


Officially known as the Lebanese Republic, this little country is nestled between Syria to the north and east, Israel to the south, and Cyprus to the west across the Mediterranean. Due to its location as a crossroads of sorts, Lebanon is known as being incredibly culturally and ethnically diverse, and even though it’s one of the smallest countries in Asia, it’s a highly influential part of the Arab world.

Though its culture and ethnic groupings are beautifully blended, Lebanon isn’t always the best source for easily accessible wireless internet. Lebanon is known for having one of the slowest internet connections in the world. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that your business trip to Lebanon is well equipped with the right kind of internet hotspot: Sapphire International Mobile Hotspot.

Thanks for joining us for this two-part blog series on some of the countries with the slowest or most inaccessible internet. Our effort isn’t to call these places out in a negative light, but rather to give you, the business traveler, some insight into the best course of action when you’re contemplating a trip. We know that each of these countries has so much to offer, and when you’re equipped with the right kind of internet hotspot, you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty, culture, and customs of each place!

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