Important Tips When Traveling To Denmark For Business: Part I

Denmark is a beautiful country and one of the top rated around the globe for business. No wonder international business tends to find its way to this quaint country steeped in culture. Denmark is a Nordic country. It has three islands: Jutland (Jylland), Funen (Fyn), and Zealand (Sjaelland), and Germany is the only land border…read more

Our Biggest Tips for International Business Travel, Pt 2

Welcome back to our blog series on the best tips for international business travel. At Sapphire International Mobile Hotspot, keeping people connected is what we do. No matter if you’re on a business trip in France, you’re attending a conference in South America, or you’re fulfilling a tour of military duty in Germany, you need…read more

A Brief History Of The Internet

If you can remember a time before the world wide web, you’re one of the few. You’re also probably between the ages of 25-30, which means you’re the last generation to know life before on-demand knowledge and entertainment. If you were born after about 1999, your life, in some way was affected by the internet,…read more

Why Military Families Need A Wireless Internet Hotspot Device

If you’re a military family, then you understand what it’s like to always be on the move; It’s a staple of the military lifestyle. When you move from one base to another, following assignments as needed to do your duty as a service member, you cannot limit your connectivity due to the lack of internet…read more

10 Tips for Staying Connected with Your Service Person When They’re Abroad, Pt 2

Welcome back to our blog page here at Sapphire International Mobile Hotspot! Since communication is what we do, we make it our business to have one of the best coverage maps you can find. With a presence on every continent and complete worldwide coverage being something that we aim to have in the near future,…read more

Tips for Business Travel in Singapore

More and more U.S. companies are traveling to Asian countries to do business, and Singapore is no exception. These economic powerhouses, including China, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines, are seeing more and more business travel from the West. When you visit Singapore, you might be shocked to recognize many chains from back home. That being…read more

Tips for Business Travel in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and the United States have a long history of working together well, so it isn’t surprising that you will soon be traveling there for work. However, the extensive history of good relations between these two countries isn’t sufficient to make a good impression on your Saudi colleagues. There are many cultural differences between…read more

Parenting Through Deployment: How International WiFi Helps

Deployment is the biggest struggle of being a military parent. While there is no quick and easy way to prepare your child for your deployment, and every family will be different in regards to what you need, it’s important to have a plan in mind. Being apart from your child is always difficult, but it…read more

8 Must-Have Business Travel Apps

Business travel comes with its difficulties, but fortunately, the evolution of technology has made it easier than ever. Long gone are the days when you had to chase down a phone booth to communicate with colleagues or wait until your family received your postcard to get in touch with them. Today, you can reach anyone…read more

Tips for Preventing International Business Travel Burnout

When you first started your job, the prospect of traveling internationally on a regular basis sounded thrilling. Over time, however, the glamour wore off, and now the constant revolving door of new faces, small airplane seats, and airport food leaves you feeling cold. This busy lifestyle causes many international business travelers to burn out. Signs…read more