Important Tips When Traveling To Denmark For Business: Part I

Denmark is a beautiful country and one of the top rated around the globe for business. No wonder international business tends to find its way to this quaint country steeped in culture. Denmark is a Nordic country. It has three islands: Jutland (Jylland), Funen (Fyn), and Zealand (Sjaelland), and Germany is the only land border connection to Denmark. Historically, the country was known for agriculture; however, the production structure has shifted, and it focuses largely on the service industry and export-oriented business.

With all this in mind, you may be visiting Denmark for an international business trip. There are plenty of internet options to choose from in the country, but if you’re using one of Denmark’s systems to access the internet, the internet service providers (ISPs) don’t usually translate their web content into English, which can leave some people disoriented or scrambling to find a Dane to translate for them.

Whether you decide to learn the language or purchase a wireless internet hotspot device for your travels, it’s important to learn about the Danish business culture so you experience less “culture shock” and successfully navigate conversations, meetings, and deals. Continue reading this four-part blog series to learn more about Denmark’s business etiquette!

Business in Denmark

It’s important to prepare yourself no matter where you travel for international business. As you travel from one country to the next, culture, etiquette, and expectations for business do change. At Sapphire, we understand that you have a limited amount of time to catch yourself up on the culture and etiquette you’re about to experience, but spend a few minutes learning and prepare yourself for success

In Denmark, education is a priority. Their workforce is proud and are more than competent in their fields of speciality. The Danes, overall, are unassertive and peaceful, and they use humor and expect goodwill to result from interactions. It’s important to understand that wealth and position in a company are played down throughout the culture. The informal nature of business is seen in the Dane’s attire and attitudes. Their business structures are characterized as having no hierarchical structure. In most cases, suits are mandatory for a formal business meeting or an important social gathering. Otherwise, expect to see mostly casual dress during your business visit.

Danes are considered to be tolerant of foreigners and other cultures, and they expect you to do the same for them. What is considered cultural taboo for the Danes tends to revolve around intolerance and inequality. Sexist or racist jokes are considered an extreme offense in Danish culture. Modesty is held, above all else, the guiding light in a large majority of the culture. Danes tend to dislike displays of individual achievement and the materialism that usually comes with it. The country as a whole is often described as “cozy and welcoming,” which influences how business is conducted.



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