Why Military Families Need A Wireless Internet Hotspot Device

If you’re a military family, then you understand what it’s like to always be on the move; It’s a staple of the military lifestyle. When you move from one base to another, following assignments as needed to do your duty as a service member, you cannot limit your connectivity due to the lack of internet availability. You need a reliable, effective device to get online and stay connected with the ones you love.

At Sapphire, we want military families to know they can stay connected in over 100 different countries with our wireless internet hotspot device. You can turn it on, choose your plan, and get online in a matter of minutes. There are no strings attached, and you only pay for the plan you choose, whether a data usage rate or a prepaid plan.

In this post, we’ll be sharing the top reasons military families need a WiFi device that can keep up with their on-the-go lifestyles as they serve their country.

Military families need international WiFi devices

Imagine your lifestyle. You’re always on the move, whether it’s every couple weeks or every single day. A deployed service member is also always on the move. Your family is essentially nomadic, going wherever you’re needed. A huge pain point for a lot of military families is not being able to stay connected with friends, family, and their spouses. At Sapphire, we understand, and we want to offer some reasons why you need our device.

Stay connected with your spouse, children, or friends

As a military family, whether directly or indirectly, you’re always on the move. If you know someone who has a spouse, child, or friend in the military, then you can sympathize with the desire to stay connected as much as possible. With our international WiFi device, you can keep up with your spouse, children, or friends who are serving.

Stay connected to your work

As a military family, you may not be serving your country directly, but you are supporting someone who does. This means that you’re following them around the country and world as they do their duty in protecting their home. This means you will need to stay connected online for work and communication with loved ones. Our device allows this with a simple, easy connection process so you can be online and working in minutes.



Stay entertained

As a spouse with children in a military family, entertainment is mandatory. It helps you take your mind off things. It keeps the kids busy. And you’re more likely to relax just a little bit when laughing, crying, or celebrating a great movie. A wireless internet hotspot device allows you get online and stream videos, whether movies or YouTube, with ease.

Get Sapphire, stay connected

At Sapphire, we understand how tough it can be to establish a “home” when you’re always on the move. But if we can offer some hopeful encouragement: Home is where the heart is. It’s a sentiment we believe you can use when traveling the world. Part of this sentiment is staying connected to those not with you daily. When you get online with Sapphire’s wireless internet hotspot device, you can keep up with family, friends, and your spouse. Order your device online now!