5 Reasons to Buy Sapphire’s Overseas WiFi Router

Internet connectivity convenience is the main priority for a large majority of frequent travelers. Whether the trip is for business or leisure, it’s important to stay connected. Not being able to use the internet for a video chat, to send important documents, send photos, or speak with friends and family is a hassle. Restricted data…read more

The Truth About Local and International SIM cards (and Sapphire’s wireless internet hotspot solution)

While we travel, we need the internet. It’s our way to connect back to home, share moments with others, and stay in touch with all the new people we meet. For international business travelers, the internet is crucial to stay on top of deals, trends, and opportunities. For nomads, the internet is a necessity to…read more

Want internet anywhere in the world? Get this one wireless internet hotspot device today!

We all know what it’s like trying to access the internet while traveling internationally. The data fees, SIM cards, and pay-as-you-go phones pile up. Unfortunately, some think this is a necessary evil when going from one country to the next. It’s not. What if you could carry the internet around in your pocket, pay data…read more

Personal hotspot vs WiFi: What you need to know about international wireless internet

So you’re traveling internationally? How are you accessing the internet? It may seem like a necessary evil, but paying international data fees, purchasing a new SIM card, or using pay-as-you-go phones are a way of the past. What if you could take the internet with you to over 100 different countries in your pocket? Sapphire…read more

Tips for Staying in Touch While You Work Abroad

There are many advantages to careers that allow you to travel abroad. Not only do you get to see the global impact of your work, but you are also able to drink in different cultures and places. Still, when you have to leave your home country for an extended stay, homesickness is inevitable. As much…read more

Where Can a WiFi Hotspot Be Used?

Think about it for a moment: when was the last time you went more than an hour or two without using the internet? Most of us who have a smartphone pull it out and check emails or get on various social media apps any time we have a few minutes of downtime. And that doesn’t…read more

5 Tips to Pack Like a Professional Traveler

How many times have you gone on a trip and arrived at the hotel ready to collapse face-first onto the bed, only to realize you forgot to pack pajamas? No one wants to have to rush out to the nearest store immediately upon arriving, but it’s so simple to let that one necessity slip your…read more

Roaming The World Without Roaming Charges: Is It Possible?

If you’ve been out of the country before, odds are good you’ve had some experience with roaming charges. It often feels like your cell phone service provider slaps those roaming fees on your bill as soon as you step foot over the border—yes, even if you’re just going across the border into Canada or Mexico…read more

Improving Productivity: Tips For Working Travelers

Do you need to close your office door, turn on a white noise machine, and have a steaming cup of coffee at your elbow to be your most productive? If you’ve ever attempted to type up a report sitting on an airplane, you know that the ideal set of circumstances for productivity can be hard…read more

International WiFi & Deployments: Staying Connected

Serving in our nation’s military comes with a range of sacrifices both large and small. It often means late nights, weekends, and holidays spent working when you would much rather be home with your family. It can mean going TDY and being away from home for weeks at a time or PCSing to parts unknown…read more