Want internet anywhere in the world? Get this one wireless internet hotspot device today!

We all know what it’s like trying to access the internet while traveling internationally. The data fees, SIM cards, and pay-as-you-go phones pile up. Unfortunately, some think this is a necessary evil when going from one country to the next. It’s not. What if you could carry the internet around in your pocket, pay data fees at local rates, and be able to control your own personal WiFi hotspot? Sapphire’s wireless internet hotspot device delivers on all of these points and so much more. Want to learn more? Read on.

Can you get internet anywhere?

The reason Sapphire created its wireless internet hotspot device is to answer this question with a resounding yes. Offering internet access in over 100 countries from a device no larger than your phone, Sapphire wants its customers to feel they have the control and mobility to take their internet connection anywhere.

How to get internet anywhere

It’s been a long flight. You still need to catch a cab. You want to let your loved ones know you made it safely. A few options are available. You can pay international data fees for a text, email, or call. You can wait until you have a new SIM card or a local pay-as-you-go phone. Then, there’s Sapphire.

With Sapphire’s wireless internet hotspot device, you can simply switch it on, choose your plan, connect your device via WiFi, and then access the internet. Data fees are at the local rates, and you control how and when you access the internet.

Get peace of mind. Get Sapphire.

What is a wireless internet hotspot device?

As connectivity to the internet advances, hotspots will become more important. Typically, you’ll find a hotspot in a coffee shop, cafe, or local business. A hotspot is the connection from a router to the internet, which offers this connection as a WiFi signal to various devices, such as a laptop, phone, tablet, or more.

The device itself is the router which translates the WiFi signal between it and the other device into a signal which connects to the internet network.

When you use a coffee shop’s internet, you’re actually using their device to connect to the internet. The device is public and so is the connection. Anyone on the coffee shop’s network, theoretically, can access your connection and view what you’re doing with that connection. What does this mean? If you’re downloading or uploading sensitive business documents, someone else may be able to see them. Sharing photos with your grandmother? Someone else may be able to see those, too.

A quick and easy solution is to operate your own wireless internet hotspot. How does one do this? Buy your own personal hotspot device from Sapphire.



Wireless internet anywhere with Sapphire

If you travel frequently and need access to the internet, you could go through all the traditional channels: roaming fees, SIM cards, or pay-as-you-go phones.

The reason Sapphire created a mobile hotspot device is so travelers like you don’t have to stop, wait, or pay outrageous roaming fees while exploring the globe.

You can access the internet from anywhere, and the Sapphire hotspot device fits comfortably in your pocket.