Personal hotspot vs WiFi: What you need to know about international wireless internet

So you’re traveling internationally? How are you accessing the internet? It may seem like a necessary evil, but paying international data fees, purchasing a new SIM card, or using pay-as-you-go phones are a way of the past. What if you could take the internet with you to over 100 different countries in your pocket? Sapphire wireless internet hotspot devices offer a way to access the internet from virtually anywhere. Want to know how it works? Read on to find out.

What is a wireless internet hotspot?

A wireless internet hotspot is simply the ability to connect to the internet via a device, which offers a WiFi signal to other devices like a laptop, phone, or tablet.

How does a personal internet hotspot work?

There are two aspects to a personal internet hotspot: 1. The connection to the internet, and 2. The connection to the device.

Sapphire’s wireless internet hotspot device takes care of both for you. All you have to do is turn on your Sapphire device, select a local rate/plan, connect your device to Sapphire, and then start using the internet.

Your connection to the internet is secure through your personal hotspot. It’s a pay-as-you-go data usage plan, but you control when and where you can use it.

Essentially, you can take the internet anywhere with you.

Personal hotspot and WiFi

The connection to the internet and data usage is what you get charged for no matter where you are in the world. But what if you could carry the hotspot around in your pocket, not needing a coffee shop or cafe to access the internet?

Whether your traveling on business or for pleasure, you shouldn’t be restricted on where or how you access the internet.

If you need to get on a video chat, send documents, or share a brief with fellow business partners, you should be able to turn on the internet and get to work. Most internet hotspots require you to go to them or for you to remain in a public place on a public connection. In business this could be a liability. Privacy and security risks increase the more people are on a public network. Why not keep your business safe and access the internet on a personal WiFi hotspot?

Consider traveling for pleasure and wanting to share your adventure as you go. It’s tough when you have to stop somewhere, connect to the internet, upload/share, and then move on. Not only does it take time away from your trip, but it also requires you to access the internet via a public network. Why not keep on enjoying your adventure without having to stop a few times a day to share the trip? You deserve to stay on the move.


Personal WiFi hotspot pay-as-you-go

There are various pay-as-you-go plans around the world. Based on region, country, state, or province, you will need to pay for data usage. If you’re using your device and your internet service provider while in another country, you could be spending a surcharge for data usage. You may also need to purchase a new SIM card. Both of these charges may seem negligible, but they add up quick as you travel.

Why not carry the internet around in your pocket? With a Sapphire wireless internet hotspot device, you no longer have to purchase a SIM card, carry around a pay-as-you-go phone, or pay international data fees to access the internet. You can simply turn on your Sapphire device, select a plan charged at local rates, and connect your device via WiFi. You can take the internet anywhere with you.

Do travel internationally a lot? Want a simple solution to international data fees, SIM cards, and pay-as-you-go phones? Sapphire’s wireless internet hotspot device offers a way for you to carry the internet wherever you go in your pocket. Own Sapphire, own your connection.