5 Reasons to Buy Sapphire’s Overseas WiFi Router

Internet connectivity convenience is the main priority for a large majority of frequent travelers. Whether the trip is for business or leisure, it’s important to stay connected. Not being able to use the internet for a video chat, to send important documents, send photos, or speak with friends and family is a hassle. Restricted data usage and high international roaming fees cause more pain whilst on the road. Thankfully, Sapphire created a solution, an overseas WiFi Router that fits in your pocket. Want to learn more? Read on.

Sapphire’s International WiFi Hotspot

Ease of Use

The main hassle with SIM cards is it takes time to get it setup on your device of choice. Their use is limited by device, and they don’t always cover the area you’re visiting. Depending on your location, whether rural or urban, SIM cards are limited connection strength.

Sapphire’s overseas WiFi router works out of the box. Your personal hotspot device can work with any other device with WiFi connectability. No matter your location, whether urban, rural, or somewhere in between, connectivity strength and internet accessibility remains consistent.

Hassle Free

SIM cards require you to purchase, choose a plan (one that doesn’t always cover you while you travel), pay rates, and work where service is provided.

An overseas WiFi router from Sapphire offers near-instant connectivity in over 100 countries around the world. No longer do you have to purchase a SIM card, set it up, and hope it works when you travel. Sapphire’s device is a button press away from offering you an internet connection. The size of the device makes it easy to fit in your pocket, a small bag slot, or even a computer bag.


SIM cards require you to pick a plan and stick to it. In some cases, the plan doesn’t cover areas you travel to, which means international roaming fees will be charged for data use.

Sapphire’s overseas WiFi router offers data plans at local rates, wherever you’re currently located. You get to pick the plan that suits your use. Also, a personal hotspot device doesn’t require a contract. You can simply turn it on, pick a plan, and connect to the internet. No hassle. No fuss.

Time Saver

It can be time-consuming to setup a SIM card. It can also slow your travels if you have to contact a service provider to handle rates, plans, bills, and technical issues.

A Sapphire wireless internet hotspot device is a time saver. Once you have the device in possession, you can connect to the internet in a few minutes without restrictions, rate confusion, or international fees. You choose a local rate, connect, and get to work.


Due to service provider speeds and data usage, internet speeds can suffer while using a SIM card.

Sapphire’s device allows you to choose your plan and rate, which also includes how fast you would like your connection in most regions and countries. You no longer have to spend hours connected to the internet for one email, one document, or one photo. Connect, share, and travel with Sapphire.

Want to travel with the internet in your pocket? Tired of SIM cards and international roaming fees? Get Sapphire’s overseas WiFi router solution. Choose your destination. Stay connected with Sapphire.