Tips for Business Travel in England

If you have never been to England before, you are probably eagerly anticipating your impending business trip there. Because the United States was first colonized by England and the two countries share a language, many business travelers make the mistake of assuming that there aren’t too many cultural differences to contend with when it comes…read more

Tips for Business Travel in Germany

Are you headed to Germany soon for business? Lucky you! Germany is a beautiful country with great food and beer! That being said, it is a very different culture from the United States, and particularly when you are conducting business there, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the social norms of the country. That’s why…read more

Tips for Staying Productive While Traveling Abroad

Do you need to travel internationally for work? Whether this is your first overseas business trip or you have thousands of frequent flyer miles, international business travel can be rewarding in a number of ways. After all, you are able to explore a foreign place, learn about a different culture, and have many unique, new…read more

International Business Etiquette Tips

Going on international business trips is a thrill that keeps you striving for similar opportunities for years to come. That being said, as fun as these trips are, it’s extremely important to take the etiquette behind these events seriously. The nuances of international business etiquette can be confusing for many, but it is worth the…read more

A Guide to Sleeping on an International Flight

When you’re traveling internationally, there is a high chance you are taking an overnight flight, also known as a red eye. This way, you spend the night in the air, and by the time you wake up and arrive at your destination, it’s like no time passed at all and you’re ready to take on…read more

Essential Gadgets for Your Next International Business Trip

When you have to travel for work, there are certain must-haves that you’re used to toting in your carry-on. You know you need your laptop and charger, but these days, there is an array of gadgets that can serve to make your life easier as you work abroad. There are many problems that tend to…read more

Where Can a WiFi Hotspot Be Used?

Think about it for a moment: when was the last time you went more than an hour or two without using the internet? Most of us who have a smartphone pull it out and check emails or get on various social media apps any time we have a few minutes of downtime. And that doesn’t…read more

International WiFi & Deployments: Staying Connected

Serving in our nation’s military comes with a range of sacrifices both large and small. It often means late nights, weekends, and holidays spent working when you would much rather be home with your family. It can mean going TDY and being away from home for weeks at a time or PCSing to parts unknown…read more

How an International WiFi Hotspot Works

Traveling internationally, even just hopping across the border into Canada or Mexico, comes with a wealth of changes from many things we take for granted in our day to day lives. The biggest example of this is a small electronic device that most of us slip into a pocket or purse without thinking too hard…read more

WiFi versus The World: What Affects Your Connection?

We’ve all experienced a connection interruption. In the middle of a video chat, uploading a photo, or even searching for an answer to a question online, the internet slows down or disconnects completely. It’s a hassle to have to wait for the connection to return or reboot the connection altogether when you don’t control the…read more