How an International WiFi Hotspot Works

Traveling internationally, even just hopping across the border into Canada or Mexico, comes with a wealth of changes from many things we take for granted in our day to day lives. The biggest example of this is a small electronic device that most of us slip into a pocket or purse without thinking too hard about it. That’s right, many don’t even think about it, but your smartphone could cause some problems if you travel abroad. In some instances, it may not work, but most of the newest iterations of the big brands will allow you to connect just fine. It’s when you get back and see the bill from your cell service provider that you’ll see exactly where the issues come in. Even a trip as simple as going from New York into Canada for a weekend could result in hefty roaming charges if you don’t take the time to prepare before you go. And, well, most international cell phone plans aren’t a whole lot better.


More and more travelers spend time online before a big trip because internet connection can be non-negotiable, but no one actually wants to pay those exorbitant prices your cell service provider is asking to provide service. Fortunately, as technology improves, there are more options for staying connected when you travel out of country. One of the best newer innovations is about the size of a smartphone and can provide you internet wherever you go. We’re talking about getting an international WiFi hotspot device.


Getting Connected

First, a brief explanation. While the term “international WiFi hotspot” may sound fancy, it’s something nearly all of us have experienced in some fashion. A hotspot is, essentially, a bubble of wireless internet connection. Sound familiar? Yep, your home WiFi connection counts as a hotspot, in the loose definition of the word. More often than not, though, a “hotspot” is the term used to refer to a free signal or a mobile-created wireless internet signal when you’re away from home. This can include the free WiFi provided by your local cafe, or a connection boosted from your smartphone in order to get your laptop online for a few minutes. Generally, a WiFi hotspot doesn’t extend quite as far as an at-home wireless internet signal, but the point is usually portability rather than distance. More often than not, hotspots are there so you can jump online and work on a tablet or laptop away from home or the office.

Connecting Internationally

Given just how much we tend to use the internet during our daily activities, it makes sense that finding internet connections abroad is an important part of travel for many people. The big downside is, you can’t always rely on finding free WiFi hotspots at local cafes when you need to connect. And, unless you’ve set up an arrangement with your cell service provider, using your smartphone to go online at all isn’t likely going to be an option, so you definitely won’t be able to create a mobile hotspot with your phone in the same way you would back home. As we mentioned above, even if you do have a cell signal, the additional costs associated with getting an internet connection to your phone are probably going to be expensive enough to make it a less than desirable option.


When looking to connect to the internet during your international travels, there are a couple of options: get an international cell phone plan, buy a cell phone or SIM card at your destination, or find an international WiFi hotspot device. The caveat to basically all of these options is that you’ll need to find a way to balance expenses. An international phone plan can be costly, but buying an inexpensive cell phone or SIM card with pay as you go plan may mean you can’t contact those at home easily or inexpensively. An international WiFi hotspot device can be a better option, but many of them still rely on a region-specific plan.


WiFi Hotspots Without Borders

At Sapphire Mobile Hotspot, we understand the struggle that comes with trying to get reliable internet service throughout your travels. We also understand you don’t want to pay a premium to get enough of a signal to stay connected. To solve the problems that come with most international WiFi hotspot creation methods, we’ve created a specialized device designed to keep you online wherever your travels take you. With Sapphire’s virtual SIM technology, you can connect like a local wherever your travels take you. No expensive international phone plans, no need to buy a different phone or SIM card each place you visit. Just turn on Sapphire, connect with your phone, tablet, or laptop, and select the right internet option for your needs. If you’re preparing to travel for fun or business or you’re preparing for deployment, shop Sapphire Mobile Hotspot online to get your international WiFi hotspot creator now!