Important Tips When Traveling to China for Business

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If you have a job that takes you all over the world and you happen to love traveling, you might just adore the chance to see new places, meet new people, and experience new cultures. Traveling abroad means that you get to see how other people in the rest of the world live, and if you can travel on your company’s dime, how much better can it get for you? No matter where in the world your business takes you, you want to make sure that you understand the cultural differences, as well as the different business expectations that might be foreign to you. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at a few helpful tips when it comes to traveling to China for business.

Make Business Cards That Have Your Information in Chinese

This might seem like a slightly overboard gesture to someone from a western society, however, there are places that still rely heavily on business cards in the business world. Having a business card that is either only in Chinese, or is two-sided with English on one side and Chinese on the other will show your forethought, preparation, and respect for the culture. Take the time in the weeks before your departure to make sure that you’ve got great business cards.

Get Your Visa Beforehand

If you’ve never traveled to China, and the countries that you’ve been to don’t have strict rules on Visas, it might surprise you to know that you do, indeed, need to have a Visa to visit China. You will not be allowed into the mainland without a Visa and if you’re planning to enter Hong Kong, you can go there with only a passport, but don’t plan on being able to go from Hong Kong to China without that precious travel Visa.

It is recommended that you apply for your Visa to visit China about one month before your trip. That should ensure that you’ll have enough time to make sure that everything is in order before your departure. This is definitely not a step that you’ll want to neglect as it could literally mean the difference between being able to go on your business trip to China, and having to reschedule.

Learn Important Phrases

We totally understand that it’s pretty impractical to learn a completely new language for a short-lived business trip. However, learning a few key phrases and words can really behoove you when you’re in China. Not only can it help you communicate better, learning some important phrases will show respect to the people that you’re meeting with; it will communicate to them that you’ve made an effort to conform to and understand their culture and language. Take the time to learn some Chinese phrases before your big trip.

Download WeChat

If you’re thinking, “wait, isn’t this a social media platform?” Then yes, you’re totally right; it is. Many places in the western world would never consider mixing social media with business discussions, however, China doesn’t operate this way. So many companies use WeChat to conduct business and it’s even considered normal to receive WeChat messages late at night regarding important business-related information. By downloading WeChat, you’re once again, taking active steps to emerge into China’s unique business culture.

Remember to Respect the Elders

A western mentality says that the authority goes to the most powerful person in the room; whether that person is considered powerful because of looks, wealth, or charisma, we’d never put age into the determining factors of what makes a person powerful. However, in China, the oldest person in the room is considered the most authoritative. This culture has such an appreciation for elders and older individuals so make sure that you do the same. Do what you can to show large amounts of respect and appreciation to the older individuals that you encounter. This will help your business ventures immensely.

Get a Sapphire Hotspot

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No matter your reason for going to China, you will definitely benefit from a little bit of research and preparation before your big trip. Make your business cards, apply for your Visa, and make all of the necessary steps you can to ensure a strong and successful trip to China! And don’t forget to get Sapphire before your next big business trip!

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