Important Tips When Traveling To Chile For Business: Part III

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In the last two posts, we discuss various Chilean cultural norms and a few business etiquette tips. In this post, we’ll share more business tips and how you can stay connected with the use of our mobile hotspot device. Don’t let the area’s internet connectivity determine how you do business. Take control back and get connected!

Business in Chile: Part III

How to communicate effectively with Chileans in business

If you’re speaking and continue getting interrupted, it’s not considered rude. In most Chilean conversations, there is quite a bit of interrupting. With this being said, it’s important that you do not go for the hard sell approach. A professional tone with humorous spontaneity is appreciated by most Chilean business people. Expect Chileans to be straightforward with their communication. If they like or do not like something, they will tell you.

Furthermore, feelings and emotions are considered appropriate in business conversations so be ready to field them and share your own. Once you get verbal confirmation that a deal has been done, get a written agreement created and signed. It’s rude in some cases not to confirm a deal with a written agreement, which means not sending one can kill a deal almost as quickly as you got it.

How to dress during Chilean business meetings

Chileans pride themselves on their attire and ability to impress with how they dress. For the most part they prefer sophisticated European styles, but anything that’s high quality and exudes confidence is acceptable. Men should always wear a jacket with their suit, whether it’s hot or not, and should go for dark conservative attire. Women need to wear dresses or suits for business meetings. Bare legs are acceptable when wearing dresses, but overtly “sexy” clothing is not preferred.

How to offer gifts to Chileans

Gifts are acceptable but only after a relationship has been formed. If you receive a gift from a Chilean, open it immediately in front of them. Before going to a party or event, send ahead flowers, wine, or chocolate to thank the hostess for the invite. If you’re not sure what to get for a business partner, consider prior conversations about kids. Gifts for children are always welcomed in Chilean culture.

How to stay connected to the internet in Chile

As little as 50 percent of the Chilean population has internet access. This means that if you’re traveling to Chile for business, you will want to make sure you have a connection at all times. You could use airport, hotel, or restaurant WiFi to stay connected, but why not carry the internet around in your pocket? Waiting for a cab, train, or plane? You can connect and use the internet almost immediately. Also, as you grow your relationships in Chile, it will be important to promptly respond to any communications made over the internet or phone.

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