Important Tips When Traveling to Brazil for Business: Part I

Business travel is a science. Those who are veterans know what it takes to efficiently and effectively make the most of their international travels. If you’re new to international business travel, you’ve probably already noticed a few hurdles you have to jump in order to even take off from the airport. You need a valid, current passport, a plane ticket, and you’ll probably need a hotel reservation in the country you’re visiting. It’s also wise to have international WiFi. Business back home will surely run itself, but what about emergencies, big clients, or phone calls that can’t be missed? Do you have family or friends you typically talk to no matter the time or day? In our digital world, it’s no longer a luxury to be connected via the internet; it’s a necessity.

At Sapphire, we’re passionate about keeping people connected no matter where they are in the world. Our mobile hotspot device offers internet connectivity in over 100 countries at insanely low rates. Whether you’re a first-time business traveler or a business executive with decades of international traveling experience, we’re positive having the internet in your pocket will benefit your travels immensely.

In this three-part blog series, we’ll be sharing important tips to consider when traveling to Brazil for business. No matter where you travel in the world, countries hold traditions and expectations at the heart of their actions. It’s extremely important to know what certain people expect from social and business engagements, and we’re going to share some of Brazil’s cultural norms with you here!

Business in Brazil

Brazil is a large country with over 200 million citizens. The vast nation stretches from the Amazon Basin in the north to the Iguaçu Falls in the south. Among it’s cultural attractions, like the Redeemer Christ statue in Rio De Janeiro and its miles of sand-covered coastline, business is held. If you have time to enjoy the country and its splendor, do so in between work. When it comes to the business mentality throughout Brazil, however, conservative work styles persist. Great importance is placed on what western society would call “family owned and operated.” The business structure is patriarchal, and the importance of a strong familial background in any given business is important. In general, expect a more conservative approach to business when visiting Brazil.

How to schedule a meeting

Brazilian business operates more conservatively than western society and most other countries, so be sure to act accordingly. When it comes to scheduling a meeting, it’s important to give at least a two-to-three week advance from the date of the meeting. This allows your Brazilian colleagues to prepare for the engagement. It’s also important to let whomever you plan to meet with know when you’ve arrived in Brazil. Follow up with this communication by sending a confirmation of the scheduled meeting.

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