Important Tips When Traveling To Brazil For Business: Part III

We’re excited to see that you’ve joined us again on our international WiFi mobile hotspot powered blog! In part one and two of this blog series we shared some cultural splendor to take advantage of while traveling through Brazil and business traditions to expect while in the country. In this post, we’ll share our final collection of important tips when traveling to Brazil for business.

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Business in Brazil: Part III

Be aware of meeting dynamics and business hierarchy

In most cases, you won’t be meeting with the decision makers when you visit Brazil on business. The business structure in Brazil strongly fosters hierarchy, meaning the executives who make decisions tend to send out others to meetings to gather information. Do not expect for any decisions to be made in the first, second, or even third meetings. If you are granted the honor of visiting with the decision maker for the company, remain extremely respectful.

Compared to western society, Brazilian society has a casual approach to conversation in business meetings. In a majority of meetings, the conversation will begin with casual topics like the weather, travels, and family. In most cases, business meetings are filled with casual conversation and the business talk is held in the middle somewhere when it fits into the discussion. It’s important not to push the conversation towards business unless it naturally flows there. Once you and your colleague have broached business, feel free to discuss it as you would back home.

Check your attire

Brazilians consider how you dress for the occasion more important than how you conduct yourself during the engagement. This means that although the meeting conversation and feel is casual, the expectation is conservative professionalism. Men should wear their best suit and tie, and women should wear their best blouse, skirt or dress pants, or an appropriate length dress.

Hotels and accommodations

Appearance is a priority in Brazil. It may come up in business meetings where you’ve booked your hotel. If you want to make a great impression, book a luxury hotel for your travels. Although western society touts budgeting and finding the best deal, it’s more important in Brazil to present a professional, abundant life than anything else. In some cases, your Brazilian business colleague will suggest a hotel to stay when you schedule your meeting. Take this suggestion into serious consideration because your colleague is suggesting out of respect.

How to stay connected to the internet in Brazil

As a traveling business person, it’s important to stay connected to the internet. You have deals to make, contracts to consider, and business responsibilities to keep up with. That’s why you can’t go a minute without the internet.

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Whilst in Brazil for business, don’t miss a moment of business back home. Be available to your business and your Brazilian business colleagues.

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