Important Tips When Traveling to Brazil for Business: Part II

Welcome back to the Sapphire mobile hotspot blog! In part one of this series, we shared some brief information on the cultural splendor of Brazil and what to expect when scheduling a business meeting in the country. In this post, we’ll share more cultural norms and expectations so you can be ready to show respect and win business. Your business nor your life needs to stop while you go from one meeting to the next, flying to the next airport and driving to the next business engagement.

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Business in Brazil: Part II

Business meeting times

Expect for the business meeting to start slightly later than scheduled. Brazilian business structure is conservative, patriarchal, and hierarchical, but the feel is relaxed and casual. This means that if you have a meeting scheduled for 11 a.m., it’s common for that meeting to start 15 to 30 minutes later. This does not mean you should show up late to a meeting. It simply means schedule extra time on your end to accommodate the engagement and the cultural norm.

How to greet others in Brazilian business meetings

Social meetings and gatherings are usually filled with kisses on both cheeks and warm welcomes. In business meetings, however, Brazilians tend to stick with a firm handshake. If there are women present in a business meeting, a kiss on each cheek can be appropriate. As your relationship grows with your Brazilian business colleagues, expect more hugs and back slaps between men, and cheek kissing between men and women. If you are a woman on business in Brazil, handshakes and being kissed once on both cheeks is considered normal.

Where to hold your meetings in Brazil

Although business is more conservative in Brazil, the meetings are held in casual environments like restaurants and cafes. Most meetings will be held over lunch or a round of coffee. Do expect long meetings to be broken up into segments for coffee breaks. Typically, meetings are held in the late morning or early afternoon. This allows for food and coffee to be involved with the conversation. Business hours in Brazil tend to be between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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