The Subtle Difference Between You Using Technology And Technology Using You

You have a smartphone, a laptop, and a digital camera. You travel for business, whether that be finance, international trade, or retail. There’s a greater purpose to your movement around the globe. On your smartphone, however, you have a plethora of apps. You use nearly all of them each and every day, amounting hours spent staring at the small blue-light screen. How much of that time is used to advance your purpose in this world?

There is a subtle difference between using your technology to advance your business and your technology using you to waste more of your time.

You may have heard of apps like Candy Crush that took the world by storm. Hundreds of thousands of users played it for hours on end, a simple, yet entertaining game. This game is considered an app, but it’s not one that moves you closer to achieving your business mission.

You may argue that you use apps and games like this one to “wind down” or “disconnect” from the stressors of your life. Sure, we believe you, but you don’t need to spend three hours trying to beat your high score. This is the subtle difference between technology using you and how you can use it.

In fact, there have been studies conducted that show how blue light affects the brain in performance and focus. We understand that the Sapphire MiFi device connects you to the internet as an international hotspot device, but we also want you to have a net positive score in the wellness category.

In this article, we will share a variety of ways you can actually disconnect and regenerate focus and energy while you travel internationally for business or pleasure. When you’re ready to get back on the internet, we invite you to use the Sapphire MiFi device.

How Technology Has Integrated Into Your Life

The social media app you use. The location you share. When and where you simply use your phone. All of it is considered data. This data can be used to influence what you buy, think, and do. Don’t believe us? Consider the last time you were shopping online for a new travel bag, gadget, or pair of shoes. Did that same item follow you around social media sites and an email newsletter you forgot you signed up for a year prior? This is data being used to influence your life. If this concerns you, and you want to disconnect form the internet, here are some activities you can participate in to recharge and refocus while not connected:

#1. Go For A Walk

A walk is relatively simple to do, but it’s increasingly hard to start. You have to put on your shoes, dress according to the climate, and figure out where you’re walking. All of this is relevant, and it’s the exact reason why you should do it. Granted, you will grumble and groan, saying that going for a walk is a waste of time. In fact, spending any amount of time outdoors is beneficial to your overall health. So, in between conference calls, emails, and projects that require you to be in front of a screen, take a 20-minute walk around the block. And, no, a treadmill in the gym doesn’t count.

#2. Go Workout

Yes, we just stated that a treadmill doesn’t count; however, a treadmill does count when you want to improve your physical fitness. Also, there are dozens of benefits to working out. You increase circulation, improve blood flow, and enhance your focus. The trick is to do it routinely enough that you experience sustained benefit. A workout once a month is going to do very little for you. While you travel, make your gym session non-negotiable, and you will find that your focus and energy will last longer in your business endeavors.

#3. Go Talk To People

Make time to meet with people face-to-face. You may be on an international business trip, but you can find someone to meet with in person. In fact, you can even spend some time in a public place engaging in conversation with strangers. Social interaction is critical for mental and physical health. You need to take control of this part of your life and make it happen more often. You could even pair this activity with your workout or your walk to double-down on your wellness.

#4 – Learn Something New

The process of learning something new activates different parts of your brain. This is super effective in recharging energy and regaining focus. When you wake up various parts of your brain, your body responds, which helps give yourself a slight boost in focus and energy. It’s important that you choose something new to learn that does not involve screens or digital devices — and if you need a device, spend as little time on it as possible.

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