7 Travel Tips Even Experienced Business Travelers

Amateur and experienced business travelers have learned a few tricks over the years to make the process less stressful and more enjoyable. Some know how to get the best deal on flights. Others know how to make the flight crew’s day. In fact, Sapphire would be hard pressed to share some tips that even the most experienced business travelers don’t know. For example, being able to connect to the internet in over 100 countries is a huge benefit. Many business travelers trust the Sapphire MiFi device to do just that.

With all this being said, Sapphire is going to share seven travel tips that reduce stress and increase enjoyability. You want to make your international travel smooth, easy, and effortless. We have the tips to help you.

Seven Travel Tips

As a business traveler, time, money, and convenience are three of your highest priorities. If you can accomplish all three of these priorities and add comfort on top of them, you’re “flying first class.” Nonetheless, here are the X tips to international business travel even the experienced do not know:

Tip #1 — Check Seats In Business And Economy Plus

You may be on a budget, but you want a little more room for your legs. If you’re constantly looking for the best deal in coach, you may find a cheaper seat in business or economy plus. How is this possible? Flights that do not perform well or new routes tend to sell the better seats for cheaper to fill the flight. If you can find these deals, you will save money and get a better seat.

Tip #2 — Treat The Flight Crew To Something

Want to make an impression? Bring something for the flight crew. Depending on where you’re flying, make sure, culturally, that what you get the flight crew is neutral and non-offensive. Typically, an innocent gift like candy is a great way to go. You will make the flight crew’s day, and it will help lighten the mood in the case of a delay or late departure.

Tip #3 — Combine One-Way Fares

You may find that two one-way fares will be less expensive than a round-trip. This means you can mix and match companies and their flight routes. In some cases, a layover one-way is cheaper than a round trip without the layovers. Also, a longer trip that goes out of the way can also be cheaper, too. Airlines want to put people into seats, and you may be able to take advantage of tip number one in combination with the two, one-way fare tactic.

Tip #4 — Communicate Directly With Airlines On Twitter

The days of calling customer service are quickly fading. Most major airlines have customer service reps monitoring the company’s Twitter account. This is one way you can direct line your way into a conversation with someone without waiting for 45 minutes. Miss a flight due to inaccurate information? Get bumped for no reasons? Take your complaints to Twitter. Just remember to tag the appropriate company.

Tip #5 — Leverage Frequent Flyer Programs

Whether you fly a lot or not, a frequent flyer gets a few privileges. One, you may start to fly often, which means you have an account number already attached to your name. Two, having a frequent flyer number is better than not having one in any airline situation. Finally, You will have opportunities to accumulate frequent flyer miles, whether you fly a lot or not, which can lead to discounted tickets.

Tip #6 — Pay Attention To Time Arrival Records

A great way to choose a reliable airline is to check time arrival records. The percentage of airlines that arrive on time is tracked, and you can find one you find acceptable.

Tip #7 — Take The Internet With You

It’s easy to stay connected while you’re in an airport, hotel, or office. But what about the time in between. That 45-minute cab ride from the airport to your hotel doesn’t need to be wasted. Use a Sapphire MiFi device to connect to the internet and get to work. In fact, the Sapphire device provides a connection to the internet in over 100 countries. Don’t miss out on that email or that client proposal. Stay connected.

Want to stay connected, even while you’re “on the move” for business? The Sapphire MiFi device is a great option to have while you travel. It easily turns on, offers local connections, and allows you to connect for local rates. No longer do you need to spend hundreds of dollars on international SIM cards or steep costs for a new phone. Simply connect with Sapphire.