How to Use a Wireless Internet Hotspot

Stop and think for a minute: how much of your day relies on a connection to the internet? No matter what you do for a living, odds are good you have a computer sitting on your desk with an internet connection. In addition, we’re betting you are one of the millions across the country with at least a couple of gigabytes of internet connectivity built into your cell phone service plan so you can check your email, look up information whenever and wherever you need it, and get up-to-date directions to that new restaurant downtown. At this point, it’s pretty fair to say that the internet is not just a passing fad, destined to go the way of the Betamax. The internet seems to be an innovation that does the inverse; the more popular and useful it becomes, the more methods we find for accessing it anywhere. Think about WiFi connected phones, tablets, even watches now!


Staying Connected

More and more programs are becoming heavily reliant on an internet connection in order to update and function well. Take, for example, Google’s answer to the Microsoft Office suite of products. Programs like Google Docs and Google Sheets may be a lot simpler to use and actively collaborate with others, but one of the drawbacks is the need for internet connectivity. If you don’t save those documents on your device before going offline, they won’t be accessible—and even if you do leave the document screen open, you need to select the option to work offline before you disconnect or the document won’t let you make any changes. Sounds like a bit of a hassle, right?


Technology makes it a great deal easier to find information, connect with people across the globe, share ideas, and so much more. It also has managed to become deeply engrained in our lives, to the point that it’s pretty noticeable when the internet goes down. In fact, to help alleviate this struggle, some businesses and most cell service providers offer a mobile hotspot option so you can connect to the internet anywhere you have a cell signal.


What’s A Hotspot?

In the most basic terms, a hotspot is anywhere with an open internet connection. While the overarching term “hotspot” includes businesses that allow you to connect a laptop via ethernet cord to get online, more often than not, a hotspot refers to a WiFi connection. From there, a hotspot generally falls into two different categories: a hotspot offered by a business that can be joined by anyone, or a mobile hotspot projected from a smartphone or other portable internet device.

Hotspots are often created with a wireless router that doesn’t extend the signal all that far. Those public hotspots are generally offered at busy public spaces, such as libraries, cafes, and airports, and are generally not the most secure internet connection available. They are more for those who need a brief moment online to look something up or send an email, rather than hop on and work for hours with secure information. On the other end of the spectrum, a hotspot created from a mobile device is generally a bit more secure, so one of the most common uses is business meetings that occur in public spaces. Mobile hotspots are generally password protected, so only those in the know can connect.


How Hotspots Work

Connecting to a wireless internet hotspot generally depends on what type of hotspot it is and who is providing it. A hotspot in a cafe or other public space is generally not password protected, so all you have to do is open up the wireless internet settings on your device, select the appropriate WiFi, and voila, you’re connected. A wireless internet hotspot from a mobile device is a bit more involved than walking into a local shop and connecting, but also a bit more secure. Most smartphones have an option to create a mobile hotspot by way of built in software. This essentially takes the internet connection the phone has and boosts it so that nearby devices can piggyback off that signal. When you turn on the option on your phone, it will prompt you to name your signal and set up a password so you don’t inadvertently create a public wireless internet hotspot. Instead, only people you share that password with will be able to connect.


Going Above and Beyond

One of the most common times we all feel the struggle to find a good internet signal is while traveling. Whether for business or pleasure, as soon as you leave the country, finding ways to connect can be either impossible or expensive. Sure, you can create a mobile hotspot with your phone as long as you’ve got a decent signal, but you may need to buy a new SIM card or pay the exorbitant roaming rates your carrier is bound to charge. Or, if your phone doesn’t support swapped SIM cards, you could be looking at buying a second phone. The problem, of course, is that both of these options only work in more urban areas with strong signal. If your plan is to go backpacking in the Andes for two weeks, you are a good deal more likely to lose your signal and your internet connection on day one. If you get lost, there’s no pulling out your phone to find your way back with that maps app if you can’t get a signal.

A Better Wireless Internet Hotspot Solution

At Sapphire Mobile Hotspot, we know that having an internet connection can actually help save lives, but it’s not always possible to find a useable signal. After all, as soon as you have an internet connection, you can make calls, find a map, and so much more—so often, it’s obtaining a signal that is the hard part. This is why we created a device to provide that digital safety net while you travel. Our Sapphire wireless internet hotspot device was designed with virtual SIM technology, which mimics the local SIM requirements and helps you tap into a regional connection, avoiding all those expensive roaming fees. Simply turn on the device and connect, log into your account, and choose the right plan for you. The Sapphire hotspot device allows you to have WiFi everywhere, whether you are taking a trip for fun or on a multi-month deployment to a remote region.


Stay connected with your loved ones and don’t miss anything important back home. Get the Sapphire wireless internet hotspot device before your next trip or deployment so you can keep up the connection easily and securely, no matter where you go. Want to learn more? Check out our site and see our options!