Important Tips When Traveling To Denmark For Business: Part IV

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In part three of this blog series, we shared tips on Danish business meetings, etiquette, and the importance placed on language in the culture. In this post, we’ll wrap things up with punctuality, dress codes, and appropriate gifts in business settings.

Punctuality in Denmark

Unlike countries in South America with little focus on punctuality, the Danes are hardworking people who value their time immensely. They want to spend each moment working productive and efficient. When they aren’t working, they spend their time in the same manner with friends, family, and themselves. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to arrive on time, if not a little early, to any business meetings, engagements, or interactions. If you are to be late to any business meeting or social gathering, it is expected to call ahead with a prompt explanation of your delay. Danish business meetings start and end promptly, with a focus on making the most with the time allotted. Additionally, the less paperwork involved, the better in Danish business.

Business dress code in Denmark

For the most part, business dress code is casual. The informal, cozy atmosphere of Danish culture influences how people dress and the feeling of general business dealings. If you’re not sure what “casual” means, it can be described as clean, neat, and presentable. A clean pair of jeans, an open-necked shirt, and comfortable shoes are acceptable. For women, a casual blouse and suit pants or a nice dress is acceptable, too.

When meeting with high-ranking executives, it’s expected to dress in your best suit and wear a tie. As your relationship with your Danish colleagues grow, you may be invited to dress more casually for meetings, but until then, stick with your suit.

Social gatherings at homes or outdoors tend to follow the same casual dress code as in business. Clean, neat, and presentable; however, larger social gatherings like a black-tie event will require a tuxedo for men, and an evening gown for women.

Business gift giving in Denmark

It’s not common to give or receive gifts in Danish business culture. However, it’s not totally forbidden. The right time to give a gift is after a business agreement and if the business relationship is going well. In most cases, a simple gift like a desk item bearing your company’s logo is acceptable.

In social settings, you should bring a gift to someone’s home when invited. Acceptable gifts include flowers and red wine. Unlike other cultures around the world, roses are acceptable gifts to give to your Danish host. Stay away from any kind of white flower, however, since it is the color or mourning. A box of fine chocolates are also considered an acceptable gift. Finally, if you receive a gift from a Dane, open it immediately in front of them. Expect the same if you give a Dane a gift.


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