The Biggest International Travel Mistakes, Pt 2

Welcome back to our Sapphire blog page! We’ve had so much fun writing all about international travel and the need for WiFi even when you’re in a foreign country. When you’re used to easy-access WiFi that is free or inexpensive, traveling to a place that has a much higher demand for WiFi or has WiFi that isn’t quite up to the standard that you’re used to, it can make life abroad tough. No matter the reason for your travels—maybe you’re taking a two-week-long business trip or you’re being stationed abroad for military service, you want to have internet that works as fast as you do. At Sapphire International WiFi Hotspot, we make it our business to keep families connected and keep individuals able to pay bills, stay updated on current events, and have a better handle on what’s happening back home. Get started with Sapphire today and ensure your WiFi connection almost anywhere in the world!

In part one of our blog series, we discussed first four of the biggest travel mistakes that many people make when they first start taking international business trips. We learned that overpacking is almost always unnecessary, it can be vital to schedule a long layover between flights, the local currency is a must, and the importance of letting your credit card company know when you’re traveling internationally. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at a few more big mistakes that people tend to make when they’re newer to international travel. Continue reading on to learn more!

Not Buying Travel Insurance

There are those people who only have the insurance they are required to have; they have car insurance, homeowners insurance, and health insurance, but insurance on anything else, to them, is unnecessary. However, when it comes to traveling internationally, the stakes are a little bit higher. It honestly takes one instance of missing your flight or having to cancel due to schedule changes at work to make a person realize the value of travel insurance. It’s true that travel insurance is one of those “you don’t need it until you do” types of insurance, but isn’t that the whole point of insurance? Since missing or canceling your flights could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, travel insurance is always a wise investment to make. What’s more, in certain places, you could end up using your travel insurance to cover the cost of medical care that you might need while you’re traveling. In this case, we suggest that you prepare for the “what ifs,” because they can be quite costly.

Failing to Check Visa Requirements

Did you know that there are certain countries that require you to have a visa before you arrive there? Since this differs from the travel requirements in most places, it can really throw a wrench into the travel plans of the unsuspecting business world traveler. For this reason, we strongly recommend researching the Visa expectations of the country that you’ll be traveling to in the weeks before your departure. That way, if you need to get your Visa in order beforehand, you’ll have plenty of time to do that.

Failing to Keep Your Valuable Items Safe

It is a sad stigma that is sometimes, sadly, true. Many thieves and robbers tend to prey on travelers or “out of towners” who aren’t as cautious or street-wise as the locals may be. Characteristics that often expose the foreigner include being in the “wrong areas” late at night, leaving valuables unguarded or unattended, and constantly asking others for help or directions. We understand that some of these qualities you can’t help but allow to show at least a little when you’re in a foreign land, still, being as savvy and smart as you can be will benefit you greatly.

Do a little research on the area you’ll be in, keep a keen eye on your valuable items, and make an effort to get to know the region a bit before venturing there. Additionally, having great navigation on your phone or tablet will help you keep your directions in order. Make sure that you’re prepared with a Sapphire wireless internet hotspot so that you’ll be able to avoid looking like a tourist. Make the choice to get Sapphire today!

Not Having a Wireless Internet Hotspot

Since we’re on the subject of WiFi, we’d like to add this common mistake to the list. Failing to make sure that you’re good to go with a great WiFi connection could literally cost you hundreds of dollars in roaming charges, data overages, and expensive local WiFi connections. Since one country can significantly differ from another when it comes to internet accessibility, it can be extremely risky to take a gamble and hope that your hotel or Airbnb will have it for you.

Having great WiFi when you’re traveling internationally can mean the difference between staying in contact with friends and family and not, getting lost and staying on course, and so much more. When you’re making the plans for your international business trip, make sure that you’re considering how you’ll access WiFi. Obviously, we recommend a Sapphire MiFi hotspot; our data plans are varied, our coverage is vast, and our customer service is unmatched.

We cannot overemphasize the value of traveling smart! International travel is a big deal, but it doesn’t have to scare or intimidate you; just take the necessary steps to be mindful about the best ways to go about your journey to a foreign country. Do some research on the area, make smart choices when booking flights, and have a plan for your internet access; choose Sapphire!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this two-part blog series. Join us next time to learn more about all the Sapphire can offer you!

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