7 Problems with Location-dependent Wireless hotspots (and how to fix them)

The world is becoming more connected by the day. Our connection to one another is becoming reliant on our ability to connect to the internet. Whether traveling on business to close a deal, or visiting another region or country, our connectivity determines our opportunities. Don’t miss an opportunity with a location dependent router. Sapphire created a wireless internet hotspot device so you could spend more time on the move and not sit in a coffee shop. Read more on how to fix common issues with your router.

Slow connection

Typically, wireless internet speeds remain consistent on a dedicated home network or coffee shop. Nonetheless, there are a few issues that can cause slower speeds.


The world’s connectivity is increasing by the hour, but what most people still don’t understand is that a WiFi signal does have limited range. The farther away you move from a WiFi router and its signal, the weaker it can get. Move away far enough and you’ll lose connection.

Fix: Move closer to the router. Make sure your device has a clear line-of-sight with the router.


A common yet typically unknown cause of slow connection revolves around the bandwidth the WiFi router transmits to the various devices using it. What this means is that the more devices using the single WiFi router signal, the slower the connection speeds.


Remove devices from the network by either disconnecting or shutting them off. You may also need to consider increasing your bandwidth capabilities of the router. Another solution would be to “hard-line” your non-mobile devices like a desktop and remove it from the WiFi signal to free up bandwidth.


When you initially setup your router, factory channel WiFi presets do not get changed. If there are enough routers using a similar channel, it can cause interference between signals.

Fix: Update or change your router’s settings. This involves choosing a different channel. Most routers are able to auto-switch between channels to ensure the best channel is being used. Give your router a hard reboot with the power button to clear up interference.

Peak Hours

In suburban areas or cities, during busy hours, the internet speed can slow for everyone, no matter the connection type.

Fix: The easiest solution is to wait until before or after peak hours to access the internet. Otherwise, it’s the service provider that’s struggling to keep up with the demand.


Technology advances at a fast rate. As new technology is discovered or created, the rate at which advancements occur increases. This may be the issue with your router. It could be outdated or needs a firmware update.

Fix: Check for a firmware update specifically for your router. This could bring your router up to speed with new technological standards and expectations. Otherwise, it may be time to purchase a new device.


No Connection

Disconnected: In some cases, the connection between the router and the modem gets cut.

Fix: The quickest way to solve this problem is to pull the plug on the router and the modem. Give both devices at least 30 seconds, then plug them back in. Modem first. Router second.

Service Outage: It happens sometimes, and there isn’t much you can do about it.

Fix: Call and report the droppage to your service provider.

The Ultimate Solution

The problem for those hamstrung by location-dependant wireless internet hotspots is that they have to stop and use the signal before moving on. A simple solution exists.

Sapphire’s wireless internet hotspot device travels with you, fits in your pocket, and offers rates equivalent to the region’s or country’s you’re visiting. Whether you’re on business or traveling for pleasure, the personal WiFi hotspot is invaluable. It frees up time from searching for a coffee shop, purchasing a pay-as-you-go phone, or paying outrageous international data fees.

Tired of dealing with location dependant hotspots? Want to travel and connect to the internet from anywhere? Sapphire’s wireless WiFi Hotspot device offers a pocket-sized solution. Take the internet wherever you go.