Selecting a Data Plan: What to Consider When Traveling

Selecting a Data PlanSelecting a data plan can be a necessary evil. I mean, how can you possibly know which one would best fit your needs? If you’ve been traveling, you aren’t new to this. Once you’ve had a taste of luxury at cost, it can be hard to transition back to the basics: Sapphire Mobile Hotspots helps travelers enjoy WiFi on-the-go. What we love most about this hotspot is that it caters to the needs of many different types of travelers. Sapphire is something that business travelers and adventure-seekers alike can benefit from, coverage stretches across 130+ countries with flexible spending on data. And, you pay for what you use. Does it get any better than that? (We think not.)

If you travel often, there are endless benefits to adding a portable WiFi hotspot to your packing routine. But, that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. 

Right now, data plans are on the menu. Do you know which one to select once you’ve secured the Sapphire Mobile Hotspot? We’re going to cover a few of the things that should be taken into consideration before you decide which of our two data plans is going to be most beneficial. Let’s get started!

Breakdown of the Plans

For starters, let’s cover the different plans that we offer. Sapphire offers a Pay as You Go Plan as well as a Prepaid option. Want to know the difference? The first option, Pay as You Go plan, allows you to pay for what you intend to use at that moment: you could very well pay for five cents a megabyte. On the other hand, the prepaid plan enables you to pay for data before it’s ever used. You know, in case you have the extra cash to stow away data before that European trip 2 months down the line. The prepaid plan that we offer has prices as low as 40 cents a GB. The cost accounts for the real difference between the two plans. However, before we get too into the nitty-gritty, let’s look at how you can better determine which plan fits your needs. 

Consider Your Travel Plans

The first thing that you should take into account is your travel plans. Have you conducted a simple Google search to find out how much data you may use by emailing? Calling family members? Texting? Or even browsing social media? Making sure you have enough could make or break your chances of doing all or some of these things. This can take a few things into consideration, so we’re going to talk about each of the points briefly. Selecting a data plan works by matching your travels with data needs.

Where You’re Traveling: Which Data Plan Works Best

Depending on where you’re traveling, one plan may be better than the other. If you’re traveling from one state to another and you’d like to have quick, reliable internet ready to use, then the pay as you go plan is going to be the best option. Given that data and WiFi are pretty easy to get access to within the states, your hotspot can make for a great backup. It doesn’t need to be your sole source of data. 

On the other hand, if you’re traveling abroad where you’re not entirely sure what coverage and WiFi opportunities are going to look like, it would be wise to purchase a prepaid plan. The prepaid plan saves you some money and gives you more freedom. Taking longer trips will goes through data at a much faster rate than your statewide journey. The last thing that you want to do is wrack up a bill for your hotspot. Save some money by opting for the prepaid plan. You want to make sure that you get the data plan that works best for you.

How Long You’re Traveling For and Selecting a Data Plan

The amount of time that you’ll be spending traveling is another factor that you should be taking into consideration. For extended periods, it might be wise to ensure that you’ll have access for the duration of your trip by investing in a prepaid plan. By investing in your data plan in advance, you can save yourself some money and have an idea of the access that you’ll have while traveling. 

Taking a short trip? Pay-As-You-Go plans are the way to go. Rather than pay for more data than you’re going to use, you can use the service when you find that you need it and then pay the balance once you’ve returned. The amount of data that’s used on shorter trips is usually on the lower side, which makes it the more affordable option of the two. 

Use Sapphire Hotspot

Never stop wondering how selecting a data plan works best for you. Sapphire’s mobile hotspot is here whether you plan on an extended, overseas excursion or you’re taking quick trip. Now, you should be able to determine which of our data plans will work best for your needs. In case you’re still unsure about which plan would be more beneficial for you, contact our team at We’d be happy to provide you with some insight.