What to Pack For Your Military Tour of Duty, Pt 2


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In part one of our blog series, we discussed the importance of packing smart for your overseas tour of duty. We talked about packing an external hard drive that’s loaded with some of your favorite games, movies, shows, and music so that you’ll be able to get through your tour with ease. It’s also valuable to pack noise-canceling headphones so that you can watch your media and enjoy your entertainment without the frustration of distractions. Finally, you should pack a multitool so that you’ll be prepared for anything that might come across your path. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few more great things to pack for your military tour of duty abroad.

Skype and Netflix Accounts

Yes, we know that these aren’t really things that you’ll “pack,” but having a Skype account is going to be vital for chatting with friends and family while you’re away. You’ll get through your tour so much easier if you’re staying in close contact with the people that you love. Similarly, you’ll want to make sure that your Netflix account (yes, Netflix is now globally available) is ready to stream your favorite movies and TV shows. If you want to ensure that your WiFi can handle streaming these things, get a Sapphire hotspot today!

A Quality Pair of Sunglasses

Since most of the places that you’ll be stationed in get a fair amount of sun, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve packed a pair of sunglasses that are sturdy, comfortable, and able to block rays that could damage your eyes. A good pair of sunglasses won’t hurt your head after extended wear and should hold up even in your rough environment. If you know you’ll be spending a good amount of your time outside, make sure that you’re prepared with great sunglasses.

A Portable WiFi Hotspot

As anyone who has spent time in a foreign country can probably tell you, quality internet when you’re overseas can make or break your time away. If you’re always waiting on your slow internet, you’re suffering from a poor connection that always goes in and out, or just paying way too much for internet, you need a WiFi hotspot.

When it comes time to pack those items that you’ll be needing for your tour of duty, don’t forget the essentials and get through your tour with style, class, and hopefully, a pretty great attitude. If you’re looking for a great source of international WiFi during your tour of duty, make sure that you’re looking into Sapphire portable WiFi hotspots.

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