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Most of us dream of traveling to far off places and exploring somewhere totally different from the world we know. Maybe it’s the busy streets of Tokyo, the backcountry trails of the Andes, or anywhere in between. Wherever the spirit of adventure takes you, be sure you’re prepared—and no, we don’t mean packing your bags, though that’s important too. Before you take off on your next adventure, one of the most important things to do is figure out how you’ll keep connected with anyone you’re traveling with, as well as those back home. And the more remote your destination, the more important having a means of communication becomes. This is precisely where Sapphire Mobile Hotspot steps in.


One of the hardest things to figure out about international travel is finding ways to use all of that amazingly helpful technology without digging a deep hole in our bank accounts. Sapphire Mobile Hotspot started because we saw a need for travelers across the globe and began developing the technology to fill that void. Now, when you take our Sapphire portable WiFi device with you, you can enjoy all the benefits of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop without paying exorbitant fees to your cell phone service provider.


What It Does

Our personal WIFI hotspot device, Sapphire, works similarly to the mobile hotspot option available on most smartphones. Essentially, it provides a small bubble of WiFi connectivity that you can use to connect your phone or other internet-capable device. Once your device is connected, simply log into your Sapphire account to link your device, and get surfing! Sapphire includes a virtual SIM card, which allows you to connect virtually anywhere in the world without facing crazy roaming or international rates. Once your device is connected to Sapphire and logged in, you can surf the web like you usually would. Access your bank account online, download directions to your map app, check how your local sports team is doing this season, or stay caught up on your favorite show—the world is your virtual oyster. Even better, you can utilize that WiFi calling technology on your smartphone and call, text, or video chat everyone back home.


How It Works

Sapphire is our answer to all those who have wished for a way to hop online or make a call while traveling. Gone are the days that you have to sit at the world’s slowest dial-up computer in an internet cafe, waiting half an hour for the system to boot up just so you can send a ten word email home. Instead, Sapphire is an easily portable device with virtual SIM technology, which means that you don’t have to deal with roaming charges just to call home and assure your family that everything is going well.

Our personal WiFi hotspot device is about the size of one of those portable battery charger devices, so you can easily slip it in a purse, pocket, or day bag. Take it anywhere you go and use it whenever you need. We offer a range of different contract-free connection options so you can get wifi anywhere you go. Simply turn Sapphire on and enjoy an international WiFi hotspot wherever you are. Connect, browse plans in that region, and get going.


How Sapphire is Different

Before Sapphire, internet connectivity options abroad were fairly limited. If you wanted to be able to get online and place calls while traveling, you either had to pay the exorbitant fees your stateside cell phone provider demanded or turn your phone off for the duration of the trip and buy an inexpensive burner phone with a pay-as-you-go plan once you got overseas. With either option, you would be facing international calling and roaming fees just to stay in touch with your loved ones. And, sadly, neither of those options would generally offer internet connectivity—or they would do so for yet another fee. Whether you travel for business or for fun, balancing the cost and the need for connectivity becomes a very fine line to walk.

Sapphire is our answer to that problem. The virtual SIM card technology in each of our international WiFi hotspot devices works similarly to changing out the SIM card in your phone. This makes your connection appear as if you are local to wherever you are, rather than roaming. Once you get online, you’ll be offered local plans with local rates so you can stay connected easily, without the roaming or international fees. Between the lengthy battery life and the numerous plans, you can circumnavigate the globe and stay connected pretty much anywhere.

Where We Started

Sapphire Mobile Hotspot has some deep connections with the U.S. military. One of the hardest parts for any deployment is the worry that arises as the distance grows. We developed Sapphire so our servicemen and women stationed anywhere across the globe could connect virtually and call home as frequently as time allows. Frequent calls home mean they can all assure their loved ones of their continued safety. In addition, the internet connectivity means all those important milestones can be filmed and shared or even watched live via video calling software. Parents can watch their child’s recital or championship game and, while it’s not as great as being there in person, it’s a pretty big leap ahead of missing those events entirely.


Whether you are preparing for an overseas adventure or you’re getting ready to deploy, there’s no reason to let the disconnect grow. Grab your Sapphire device now and stay connected while you’re gone, and stay tuned to the Sapphire Mobile Hotspot blog for more about connecting across the globe!