Travel WiFi – take the internet with you

When we travel, there are a few necessities we expect: food, water, shelter, transportation, and the internet. The ability to connect with the tap of a button or stroke of a few keys has revolutionized the globe. So why has internet connectivity lagged behind for so long? WiFi offers limited access in the sense of proximity in an ever-evolving mobile-first world. If you want to snap a photo and upload it, you shouldn’t have to wait for hours before you can share your life online. This is why Sapphire International WiFi Hotspot devices were created. So you can stay connected-wherever you are and however you like.

What is travel WiFi?

Traveling is a wonderful experience. Everyone has a different reason for hopping on a plane to a new location or purchasing a bus ticket to visit a neighboring region, country, or state. Some would say nomadic tendencies are embedded in the human being’s DNA.

With our desire to travel becoming ever-prevalent in a hyper-connected world, the ability to actually connect is becoming a commodity we can’t go without.

Typically, as we travel we want to connect to the internet, share our story, and check in with those we love. To do this as we travel, a few options exist:

  • Pay-as-you-go phone for each region/country you visit.
  • Purchase a new SIM card for every new region/country you visit.
  • Pay surcharged international roaming fees to your current provider, if they supply coverage wherever you may be traveling.

These used to be the only options to choose from until Sapphire’s International WiFi Hotspot device was created.

Now, you can connect to the internet in over 100 different countries in three easy steps: power up Sapphire’s device, pick a rate/plan, connect your phone or other devices to the internet.

Which devices can utilize travel WiFi?

Virtually any device that uses WiFi to connect to the internet can utilize the Sapphire WiFi Hotspot device.

If you want to check emails on your phone, you can connect. Need to spend more time on the internet for a video chat? Grab your laptop or iPad and connect. Want to download a new book on your tablet? Connect, download, and read.

You can take the internet wherever you go.

Not sure if your device will function with Sapphire’s device? Connect to the internet with your Sapphire mobile hotspot device and then setup connection with your phone, laptop, iPad, tablet, or many more.


Does Sapphire mobile hotspot require a contract?

When traveling, you don’t need a contract to use Sapphire’s best portable WiFi device. If you’re in another region or country, you can easily setup a connection, transmit WiFi, connect your devices, and get back on the internet.

Whether you travel for business, pleasure, or a mixture of both, the ease of access and use of Sapphire’s device allows for you to focus on what’s important: the next deal, the next location, or the next meeting.

Do you need a WiFi hotspot while you travel? Not sure how it works? Avoid high international data fees and less connectivity with the Sapphire international WiFi Hotspot device. Turn on. Connect. Surf the web.