What is Travel WiFi and Why Does It Matter?

We all travel to some extent. Others more than most. A major factor in where or how someone travels can be the internet connection. What happens when you arrive and you want to let your loved one know you made it safe? You send a text, email, or SMS. What if the internet connection is sub-par or non-existent? That notification doesn’t go through. Consider a business person who needs to be on a video chat or download and send a contract. The internet is their lifeline. These are two examples of why the internet is important to travel. Sapphire believes its International WiFi Hotspot device has revolutionized travel WiFi.

What is WiFi?

The wireless connection between a device like your phone or laptop to the internet. WiFi is a facility of connections used by billions worldwide. It’s an extremely important technology for those who use the internet daily and even more so for those who travel.

Nonetheless, WiFi is restricted due to proximity and range. Every WiFi router emits a signal. You use that signal on your laptop or phone to connect to the internet. So what happens when you can’t be in range of that signal but still need to use the internet? Frankly, you wait until you can find a signal. What if you could carry that signal in your pocket and turn it on whenever you need it?

Sapphire offers this accessibility.

How does travel WiFi work?

Traditionally, WiFi signals are found at coffee shops, restaurants, airports, or hotels. These are the first places people use when connecting to the internet wirelessly outside of a home or office network.

The recurring issue with location based WiFi signals surfaces for those who either aren’t near those locations or can’t use a location based internet connection-even though it is wireless.

Sapphire’s International WiFi Hotspot is a solution to the overall issue of proximity restricted wireless internet connectivity.

Those who use a portable WiFi hotspot carry their connection to the internet in their pocket while visiting over 100 countries.


How to travel with WiFi?

Using Sapphire’s mobile hotspot device is as simple as turning it on, choosing a rate and plan, and connecting your device to the internet.

The days where you have to walk to the nearest coffee shop, business, or bar to use their internet are over.

You can take wifi anywhere you go.

Why is travel WiFi so important to the world?

Whether you’re on-the-go for business, pleasure, or a mix of both, you’ll want internet access. Although negligible day-to-day, the time spent traveling to and from a business, coffee shop, or hotel to use the internet for a few minutes grows as you spend more time on the road.

The convenience to use a single device in over 100 countries to connect to the internet removes pay-as-you-go phones, SIM cards, and outrageous international roaming fees from your current provider (if they serve the country or region you’re visiting).

Globally, the more connected we are the quicker we can solve issues, answer questions, and revolutionize the world.

Personally, an internet connection is as simple as sharing a photo a life experience with family in the moment instead of hours or days later.

If you’re searching for the best WiFi hotspot, create one for yourself with Sapphire’s device.

Want to travel, but don’t want to deal with SIM cards or international data fees? Looking for a simple, easy solution to your international WiFi hotspot conundrum? Sapphire offers a portable WiFi modem that can fit in your pocket and offers data rates the locals pay. Get connected. Get Sapphire.