Mother’s Day Care Packages for Military Moms

Mother's Day Moms deserve to feel special every day, but especially on Mother’s Day. They put others before themselves all the time, and this could not be more true for mothers in the military. U.S. military service members often sacrifice many special moments with their families, and when they are deployed, military moms don’t have the opportunity to be with their children on Mother’s Day.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t spoil the special mom in your life when she’s deployed. A care package is an excellent way to communicate how much you love and appreciate her, even if you can’t be with her on Mother’s Day. Here are some ideas of what you can include in your Mother’s Day care package:


Jewelry is a timeless Mother’s Day gift, and makes for a keepsake she can treasure forever. Regardless of where she is in the world, military moms can wear or hold onto the jewelry you give them as an eternal reminder of your love.

To make it extra special, consider personalizing the jewelry. For example, you could give her a locket with pictures of her children inside. Alternatively, you could give her a watch engraved with a sweet sentiment. By making this gift truly unique to her, you ensure that your military mom understands exactly how much you love and think of her.

Her Favorite Treats

No care package is complete without treats, and Mother’s Day is an occasion that warrants something sweet. That being said, it can be difficult to send many treats to military bases, depending on exactly where she is stationed. In very hot climates, you want to be cautious of anything that will melt. You should also keep in mind that it may take several weeks for your mom to receive her care package, so you want to avoid anything perishable.

A classic treat included in military care packages is a cake in a jar. These baked goods are ideal because being sealed in a jar ensures that they stay moist in transit — in fact, these can last for up to six months! Alternatively or in addition, you can include her favorite shelf stable snacks, such as beef jerky, cashews, crackers, trail mix, or chips.


Any military mom will tell you that one of the hardest parts of being deployed is not being able to see her children every day. While this is an unfortunate reality of military service, having photos can be a great comfort when a mom misses her children. Even if she has to miss special milestones, photos allow her to feel a part of special occasions.

Putting together a photobook is a thoughtful gesture that will make your mom feel loved. You can scrapbook it, or if you’re not too crafty yourself, you can also order one from a photo printing service such as Snapfish. You can personalize these with written messages from her children and other loved ones. Alternatively, there are many other photo gifts that your military mom would love, such as photo pillow cases, blankets, calendars, and more.

Loving Messages

It can be hard to communicate just how much you love someone when they’re so far away. You can’t hug or kiss them or spend quality time with them. However, you can still tell them how you feel. A personal letter from their children is a great gift for any mother, or you can go higher tech with an audio or video recording. Letting your military mom know just how much you love and miss her would be an incredible way to touch her heart this Mother’s Day.

Sapphire Mobile Hotspot

What a mother wants more than anything is to be able to keep in touch with her children. That’s why a mobile wifi hotspot makes for the perfect addition to your Mother’s Day care package. Offering a reliable, 4G connection in more than 100 countries across the globe, Sapphire allows military service members to use a personal wifi hotspot connection while deployed. This means more video chatting, emailing, and sending pictures to their family back home. What could be better than that? Shop Sapphire for a great Mother’s Day gift for U.S. military service members.