How Do I Use WiFi for Business Travel?

Do you travel for business? Do you constantly have to purchase a SIM card, a pay-as-you-go phone, or pay outrageous roaming or international fees during your trip? There is another option, one more cost effective and easier to use than the alternatives. What if you could fit a portable WiFi modem in your pocket for use in over 100 different countries? Sapphire will discuss the importance of travel Wifi for business.

Can I use travel WiFi for business?

Yes, there is an option to utilize WiFi technology while you travel. Not sure how it works? Let’s just say you’ll not have to worry about saving documents on your device or sit at a coffee shop all day for an important email.

As you travel, you need to use your phone, laptop, and other devices. Connectivity is a priority in business. So how do you stay connected while still remaining mobile?

Sapphire’s WiFi hotspot device allows you to connect to the internet with various devices without having to borrow from a restaurant or local business. You can avoid the data fees and pay rates the same as the locals in the given region you’re visiting.

How does travel WiFi data work?

Typically, data is charged on a regional scale. Those local to the region, state, or country pay local rates. Those visiting are charged by their providers for being out of region, state, or country. The rate charges can be high and add up over time.

What if you could run your business without having to pay data fees higher than the local rates?

Sapphire offers WiFi as an anywhere you go solution.

Can I use my other devices with my portable wifi?

Sapphire’s portable WiFi device does allow for devices other than your iPad or laptop to connect to the internet. How is this possible? Virtual SIM card technology. Sapphire’s wireless internet hotspot device functions like any other modem, but it’s mobile and fits in your pocket.

Whether you need to send important emails, video chat, schedule meetings, or reserve your next flight, it’s all possible with Sapphire’s best portable WiFi hotspot device.

Here are some common devices people use while on Sapphire’s hotspot connection:

  • Phone
  • iPad
  • Laptop
  • Car

How does portable WiFi work?

It’s as simple as turning on your Sapphire mobile hotspot device. You’ll be prompted to choose a local data plan. Once you choose your rate and plan, you can connect your devices, such as a laptop, phone, or iPad to the internet and get to work.




Want a travel WiFi device for hotels?

It’s a common complaint that hotel internet is slow. It’s no surprise. Hundreds of people are using it simultaneously. You also may be concerned with security and privacy, working with sensitive or private documents online. What’s the easy solution for this?

Connect your own secure hotspot device to the internet. This way your network is your own. It’s password protected. And you can work in peace.

Do you travel internationally for business? Do you want a solution for SIM cards, pay-as-you-go phones, or international data charges? Purchase Sapphire’s international WiFi Hotspot device. Small. Mobile. Perfect for business.