Rental vs Purchase of a WiFi Hotspot Device for Business Users



If you’ve ever been abroad on business, you understand how hard it can be to find a reliable, secure internet connection. Without that connection, work takes longer, you can’t access the information you need, frustrations rise, and you hardly have time to take in the scenery, let alone do any real sightseeing. But business trips abroad don’t have to be so full of frustration! Thanks to portable business WiFi devices, you can bring a steady internet connection with you wherever your travels take you. The big question is: is it worth buying one, or is renting enough?


Business WiFi Hotspot Devices

When it comes to internet connections while you travel, a hotspot device is the easiest option. These are small — typically around the size of a smartphone. They generally generate a secure signal, so you don’t have to worry about sharing it with 50 of the closest strangers, and the slowdown that comes from that. Business WiFi hotspot devices can operate off a plan or charge pay-as-you-go fees. That will typically depend on the service provider and whether you rent or own your hotspot device. 


Renting a Hotspot

The big benefit to renting an international WiFi hotspot is that it’s a lower-cost option when you only need the hotspot for a short period of time. This is generally the better option for business trips of only a few days, and you most likely will not return for six months. Renting a business portable WiFi hotspot means you don’t have to pay the full price for the unit; often, it’s just a small rental fee plus the cost of the data plan to provide you with a connection. The price for data will vary depending on how much you need and how many different countries you’ll be visiting, but rental hotspots often have a flat fee per day, rather than based on data used. However, be aware: many providers will charge you every day you have the device — whether you use it or not.


Buying a Hotspot

On the other side of the coin, if you travel abroad often — for business or pleasure — it will make sense to buy your own international WiFi hotspot. This means you won’t have to pay a rental fee every time you need to use your hotspot, you won’t need to pay for days that you have it but don’t use it, and in some cases any data you don’t use will roll over, ready to be used during your next trip. Buying your own international hotspot is also a good idea if business takes you to a variety of different locations several times a year. 


Choosing The Right Plan

If you know you’ll be going abroad more than just once or twice, buying your own business WiFi hotspot will likely be the more cost-effective option. The Sapphire business portable-WiFi device makes it easy to connect while abroad. Simply power it on, choose your country, pick the right data plan, and get going! Learn more and shop online today!