Preparing for a Last-Minute Business Trip Across the Pond

There is a lot to remember when preparing to travel internationally. There’s even more to keep track of when you need to travel abroad for work. So imagine how much of a scramble it can be if you need to prepare for a business trip abroad at the last minute! If you’ve got a surprise business trip radar, not a problem! Here are some tips: 

Make a Checklist — or Google One

  • Pack a complete change of business attire, your laptop, smartphone, a quick charger  and WiFi hotspot in your carryon bag (in case the airline loses your suitcase).
  • Special attire, and thoughtful small gifts for your clients. 
  • Home preparations, like making sure the bills are paid, hiring a house/pet sitter, and suspending mail service while you’re gone.
  • Work preparations, redistributing time-sensitive projects, arranging an itinerary for your trip online and a printed version. 
  • Pick up petty cash in Euors, Zlotys, or Rubles.
  • Your passport and a digital copy.

Get Set at Work

Make sure your office and home has a copy of your full travel itinerary, reservation confirmations, a copy of your travel documents, and a backup for any materials you’ll need while abroad. 

Purposeful Packing

It’s a digital world. Make sure you have everything you need to work remotely. As you pack your electronics, double-check that you also have power cords and adapters. This is also the right time to put a hold on your smartphone’s service, if you’ll be away for a week.  And remember, staying connected is of vital importance, so make sure you have a business WiFi hotspot so you can go online whenever you need to. 

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