Which is the Best Portable WiFi Option?

When spring rolls around again after a long and dreary winter, kids and college students everywhere flock outdoors to bask in the sunshine. Unfortunately for most of us, we can’t actually take our work outside with us, or we would do the same. But what if we could? Think about it for a moment: a vast majority of American adults within the standard working range have a tablet, a laptop, or even a smartphone that has more functionality than a desktop computer from early in this millennium. Many of us could actually work outdoors pretty easily if only our ethernet cords or WiFi connection stretched that far.

Okay, so maybe packing up our desks and working outdoors on nice days isn’t the most feasible, even with better internet options. However, there are plenty of day to day occasions that call for portable WiFi. Fortunately, most of us have that option built into our cell phone service plan, so when you’re lost and need directions, all you have to do is pull out your phone and plug in the details to your map app. But what do you do if you find yourself lost in a new city, but you’re on an overseas vacation?


Why Portable WiFi Matters

At Sapphire Mobile Hotspot, we have poured our focus into creating the best portable WiFi device, and we didn’t choose to do so on a whim. We started with a great need from those who serve in our nation’s military. When a serviceman or woman deploys, they are often sent to remote places all over the globe for months at a time. Not only do they go long stretches apart from family and friends, often the internet and phone options available are minimal, so there’s often a line to call home or check email—and let’s not get started on trying to keep up with that favorite hit TV show. Our military sacrifice a lot to keep our nation and our citizens safe and free. In order to show our gratitude, we have created a way for anyone with our wireless internet hotspot device to hop online and stay connected with loved ones, no matter where they are.


The Problem With Portable WiFi

World travelers have been fighting with the issue of portable WiFi practically since the advent of WiFi itself. There are plenty of portable internet devices on the market, and most of them work well. However, the pitfall is that nearly all of them rely on having access to a physical internet source like a home internet modem or a phone’s mobile hotspot technology. Most of the available portable WiFi devices out there can amplify or target an existing signal, but the device needs to be able to gain access to the signal to begin with before it can boost it and provide it to you. When you’re in a remote location, getting access to the internet at all is questionable at best, so those portable WiFi devices don’t do much good. Whether you’re on a vacation in the Alps or deployed in a remote location, the problem isn’t necessarily amplifying an internet signal, it’s getting one in the first place.

Our device isn’t just for those who are deployed, either. When you’re traveling abroad, there are ways to get a hold of an internet signal via a smartphone. However, most of the options out there are costly and only as strong as your cell service. When you’re traveling within a city, you might get decent signal, but if you decide to drive out into the countryside, there’s no promise your cell phone will even get enough reception to let you call, let alone go online.

A Better Solution

When you can’t rely on a smartphone and cell service for your internet connection—or even rely on it to make calls—you need a better solution than a wish and a prayer. At Sapphire Mobile Hotspot, we found a way to provide you internet through a mobile internet hotspot option that doesn’t rely on having access to the internet through a phone or router. Our Sapphire travel WiFi hotspot device is the best portable WiFi option because you can gain access to the internet nearly anywhere across the globe. Simply turn on Sapphire, connect your phone, tablet, or laptop, and choose the best plan based on the region you’re in. We included virtual SIM card technology so you can enjoy local rates for service, rather than roaming or international rates. Then, once your device is connected to Sapphire, you can use your internet connection to do whatever it is you need. Video chat with family back home, check your email, even keep tabs on your sports teams and favorite shows.

When you need to stay connected no matter where you go, get the best portable WiFi options without the outrageous international fees. Shop Sapphire Mobile Hotspot online today to learn more about Sapphire and get yours today!