How to Book Cheap International Flights


Working on a global scale can be a great boon to your business, but if you’re traveling internationally for work, you also must consider how to best balance travel costs. Round-the-world tickets can really add up, particularly if multiple members of your team must go abroad. Fortunately, there are ways you can save money when booking international flights. Here are some tips we have gathered to help you!

Search One Ticket at a Time

Even if you are booking tickets for multiple team members, try searching for one ticket at a time. It’s common for airlines to sell different fare classes at different prices with multiple seats in each class. When you search for three tickets together, for example, the flight search engine will show you the highest fare for all three tickets without factoring in if there is one seat left in the lower fare class. Searching one at a time lets you see if there are any limited seats on sale, so at least some, if not all, your tickets are the lowest fare possible. While booking one ticket, select one seat next to an empty seat, then immediately book another ticket to fill the empty seat beside it. While this takes more time, it can pay off in much cheaper airfare.

Time Your Search Right

There is a right and a wrong time to search for plane tickets. In general, flight sales are launched on Tuesday and end on Thursday, so check for tickets midweek. In addition, sales are generally on travel within the next three months are require you to purchase the ticket at least two weeks in advance, so time your research for your trip around that timeline if you can.

Check One-Way Fares

Sometimes, airlines will charge you extra for one-way fares, but it’s helpful to compare just in case. Don’t automatically assume it will be cheaper to just book a roundtrip ticket; it’s possible that booking each leg of the journey with different airlines would actually be less expensive. Just take caution with this strategy that your times, dates, and cities are correct, as it easier to make a mistake.

Time Your Flight Right

In addition to timing when to book your flight, you always want to take the day of your actual flight into consideration. The least popular days to fly are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, so in general, these will be the lowest fares. As an added bonus, security should be much easier on these days, and you may even get a row to yourself.

Consider Booking a Package

Chances are, you will probably need a hotel at your destination. You can often save money by booking a flight-and-hotel package. Many bigger chains don’t want to list very steep discounts on hotel deals alone, so will take advantage of hiding behind a package price with flights. This is a great place to save money on both flights and lodging.

Jump on Deals When You See Them

When you see a great price for a flight, don’t wait. Airlines must offer a 24-hour or cancellation as long as you book your ticket within a week of your travel date. Keep in mind that this is only the case when you book directly with an airline; if you book with an online travel agency like Expedia, this rule doesn’t apply.

Be Loyal, But Always Compare

Signing up for a loyalty rewards membership with your favorite airline is a wise move because you can accumulate points for a good deal. This can make booking a slightly more expensive ticket more worthwhile in the long run. Some sign-up perks can include a free flight plus perks like priority boarding, free baggage check, and more. However, it’s always a good idea to check other airlines to compare to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Be Open to Layovers

Many people will avoid layovers at all costs, but you can often save up to $200 by not opting for a direct flight. Layovers give you the opportunity to stretch your legs, plus some airlines, like Icelandair, will allow you to do stopovers for free, meaning you can extend your stay during your layover to add to your travels.

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