Why You Need Travel MiFi

Why do you travel? Is it for business, pleasure, or both? As a business person, digital nomad, intermittent world traveler, or the occasional snow bird, a MiFi device is the answer to many of the internet connectivity issues currently plaguing those who explore the globe. What’s more, connection to the internet has become necessary for survival. If you want to book a hotel, get online. Need to call a ride? Use the internet. Trying to get directions to a meeting? Find the address on the company’s website. The internet is no longer a fad; it is one of the greatest inventions of human history, and it’s quickly being considered a necessity in life. In this post, we’ll share why you need a travel MiFi device to survive the world while traveling.

6 Reasons You Need A MiFi Device

It can be tough to think of the world without the internet. If you’re an experienced business person, you may remember a day when phone calls, strict meeting times, and being prepared for the week ahead were looked upon as signs of responsibility. Not only are these still golden rules for international travelers, but these are expected to happen without fail and online—and in shorter time frames.


You can order food online, over the phone, or in person. You could even have your friend do it for you. But what if you have minutes between a long day of meetings and you need food? Do you swing by a local cafe to grab a bite, or do you order the food to be delivered to your hotel room, next meeting, or a specific location you’ll be in ten minutes? When you’re traveling, you need the freedom of the internet to do more with less. Whether it be delivering food for lunch, or finding a local grocer, the internet is your best friend when it comes to finding information you know nothing about to help yourself find food and stay hydrated.


Need to book a hotel? How about reserve a room for one night? Miss your flight and can’t fly out for a few days? You can go to the airport directory and get information, make phone calls, and do this all verbally; or, you can use the internet, compare local hotels, and book within minutes. The convenience of the internet and the time it saves is invaluable.


When you’re attempting to get from one location in a city to another in a car or one country to another in a plane, it can be daunting to have to speak with a taxi driver or a ticket agent in an international airport. For the most part, we’re all used to using the internet to book our rides and flights. It’s easy, simple, and pretty straightforward. In most case, it’s actually faster than talking to a professional. Finally, you can find deals online that you won’t find with a cab driver or at the ticket counter. Not only does the internet save you time, but it also can save you money.


When it comes to the internet, using your own MiFi device gives you more protection and safety. You don’t have to rely on public WiFi while conversing with those you love or transferring sensitive business documents. Furthermore, there are fake WiFi connections that allow you to log on and use the “connection,” that then steal all the data you send across the connection. A personal MiFi device establishes a secure, private connection to the internet that you control.


We’ve mentioned it in a few of the other reasons above, but the cost of using the internet through local WiFi or an international SIM card is greater than if you used a Sapphire MiFi device. Not only will you pay local rates through your MiFi device, but you won’t incur roaming charges if you travel outside your designated SIM card area/region.


Also mentioned above, time is a necessity while traveling. You need to get from one location to the next in a certain amount of time. Furthermore, you cannot waste it time searching for WiFi and then waiting to connect. In most cases, time is precious while you travel, so don’t waste it trying to get connected.

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