Why Free WiFi Isn’t as Great as It Sounds

Whether you’re sitting in an airport waiting for your flight or you’re traveling abroad sitting in a pub, there’s a good chance that you’ll see “Free WiFi” on a sign. This appealing sign can give you a sense of relief at times, knowing that you can make the most of your portable device without having to pay the extra money. In fact, for many people, it can be so comforting to see these signs that they never plan for the times that these accommodations won’t be available to them.

Sapphire Mobile is a wireless hotspot that provides you with on-the-go mobile WiFi, we like to call that MiFi. Over the years we’ve seen endless amounts of people fall for the alluring “Free Wifi” sign that provides much less than it promotes. Keep reading to see a few of the reasons that free WiFi isn’t as great as it sounds.

Talk About Slow

When more than one person is turning to the free WiFi that’s available, you can count on your connection being slow. While not everyone needs a fast connection when using their device, it certainly makes a difference for others. If you’re wanting to have internet services that are on the faster side, then the free WiFi that’s available in certain places most likely won’t suffice for you and your needs.

Rather than hope that the connection is a fast one, consider bringing your own mobile hotspot with you so that you know that there’s a reliable connection regardless of the place or how busy it is.

Absolutely No Protection

A major downfall to using free WiFi is that the connection is very rarely protected. That means that anyone that’s around you and also has access to the connection could be free to view your searches or have access to personal data. This is a pretty serious issue that most people don’t warn you about when they offer free WiFi, but the reality is that anyone with a connection could be posing as a threat when you search on public networks.

Hackers Are Everywhere

We mentioned briefly how public WiFi isn’t protected, but we’re going to take that one level further. When you are using free WiFi, you increase the chances of hackers. From the passcodes to your apps and websites that you visit to the device itself, using your device on a network that is available to others increases the chances of a hacker accessing your information. While the place that you’re visiting may seem like a wholesome place where there’s not likely to be individuals interested in hacking your device, there are hackers everywhere. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Various Other Factors

The three points that we’ve made above are a summarized breakdown of what makes using free WiFi a bad decision. Each of these points can be broken down to a long list of reasons that all come down to your safety and the safety of your device. When you expose your phone or computer to open networks, you welcome others in — do your best to minimize the chances of that happening.

Invest in Sapphire MiFi

If the things that we touched on above are things that you don’t want to deal with when using your mobile device, then it is time to invest in Sapphire MiFi. Our product provides you with a reliable connection while you’re on the go. Whether you’re traveling to another country or you simply want a secure connection that you don’t have to share, we can help. Invest in our mobile hotspot and find the data plan that best suits your needs.

Have questions? Let our team help! Contact us today with any questions, concerns, or inquiries regarding our product!