Ways to Use Your Sapphire MiFi While Traveling

You may not realize just how much of an ally your Sapphire MiFi can be as an international business traveler. Sure, you might be able to get a connection by jumping from public WiFi network to public WiFi network (though if you do this, you are putting your security at risk). Furthermore, the constant connecting and disconnecting to the internet could spend more of your time than you have. Finally, you’re subject to local cafes, hotels, and workspace fees that you can rarely know about before you arrive at your location. Want a better way to use the internet while you travel? Sapphire wants to introduce to you our MiFi device. Here are some ways you can use it while traveling:

Find Your Way Around

This might be the greatest advantage carrying a MiFi device has over using public WiFi connections. Imagine this: you’re stumbling around the streets of Paris the first time you visit France. You are lost. The sights are beautiful, but you need to find your hotel soon, or you’ll be lost on the street all night, because local shops close after a certain hour. You could probably find a local cafe, workspace, or business willing to help you. But, what if you could simply use Sapphire’s MiFi device to connect to the internet, get directions, and enjoy more of Paris without the inconvenience of being lost?

Connect with Loved Ones Back Home

It’s been a long day in the office. Not only are business meetings draining, but you’re probably in a different time zone. Jet lag affects the best of us. Imagine relaxing after your meetings, ordering some food, and then connecting to the internet effortlessly with your Sapphire MiFi device to talk with your loved ones back home. Nothing says “I love you,” like a strong connection with your support system, no matter where they may be around the world.

Keep in Touch with the Team

Do you travel while your team remains at home? A personal Sapphire MiFi device allows you to connect to the internet and to your team with the flick of a switch. No longer do you have to wait to send your team documents, files, or information once you find a reliable connection. Sapphire’s MiFi device gives you an internet connection you can keep in your pocket or bag.

Work on the Go

Do you have a layover in the airport? On the road for a few hours with nothing to do? Why don’t you work? Connect to the internet in over 100 countries with a Sapphire MiFi device and get work done while you travel. Then, when you arrive at your destination, you can spend more time enjoying the sights, taking in the culture, and discovering which cuisine you find delectable.

Research Your Destination

It’s important you research cultural and business traditions in the country, region, and locale you plan on traveling to do business in. What’s more, when you arrive prepared, it’s a sign that you mean business. You’re not stumbling to find your footing in a new place amongst people you’re trying to do business with. Use a Sapphire MiFi device to research your destination, people, and business expectations to seal the deal before you even arrive.

Avoid Roaming Charges

Using your SIM card from home or regional SIM cards can leave you paying roaming charges. Avoid roaming charges using a Sapphire MiFi device. Turn it on, connect to a local network, and use the internet as if you’re a local. Exorbitant roaming fees don’t have to be on your bill. Don’t spend more than you have to when you travel for business. Get exactly what you need for connectivity with a MiFi device.

Stay Mobile

Along with all the reasons mentioned above, the digital world is deemed mobile. When you travel for business internationally, your digital mobility gets restricted. You have to be within range of WiFi or using a local accommodation to gain access to the internet. This is not the case with a Sapphire MiFi device. You can slip it out of your bag, switch it on, and surf the internet within seconds. Sapphire keeps you mobile when you need it most.

Get Connected. Go Sapphire.

When you choose Sapphire’s MiFi device for your business travels, you gain a level of connectivity you can’t find in international or regional SIM cards. Not only do you eliminate roaming fees, but you gain complete internet access across 100-plus countries around the globe—and our network continues to grow.

Remove one more headache during travels: the internet. When you can use a Sapphire MiFi device, you don’t have to search for somewhere to connect to the internet from. The device you need is already in your pocket, bag, or satchel. You can find your way around, connect with loved ones back home, do work on the go, research your destination, and avoid roaming charges with a single purchase. Don’t get caught in the endless SIM card purchasing game. Get connected. Go Sapphire!