Navigation Apps for Your International Business Trip

Part of the fun of traveling for business is the opportunity to go off the beaten path, but sometimes, this means that you will get lost. Getting lost in a new place is stressful enough as it is, but when you’re working in a foreign country where you potentially aren’t fluent in the native tongue, it is especially stressful. Fortunately, modern technology makes this problem virtually a thing of the past. When you have the right navigation apps on your mobile device, you can easily wander around any country without worrying about language barriers or bad directions leading you astray. In this blog, we have compiled a list of the most helpful navigation applications to download to your phone or tablet before your next business trip.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an incredibly versatile navigation app that everyone should have on their mobile device. With a reputation for reliability and versatility, it’s no one that Google Maps is one of the most widely available apps for navigating around the world, with coverage in nearly every country. In addition to giving you straightforward directions, you can also explore multiple routes, as well as different methods of transport such as buses or trains. Whether you are walking, driving, biking, or taking public transportation, Google Maps can guide you. Other features include Explore Nearby, which allows you to search the surrounding area for places such as restaurants, gas stations, tourist attractions, drug stores, and more. You can also look at reviews right there in the map. In addition, some large buildings like airports, stadiums, or museums feature inside maps on Google Maps, making it easier to navigate through them. This is an absolute essential when traveling.


Waze is another navigation app that is quite popular, but what makes it different than Google Maps is the social aspect. Basically, it is a crowdsourced navigation app, giving you directions with real-time updates along the way. Drivers and other travelers submit relevant information to the app to be shared with all, from a traffic accident to a road closure to a low gas price. The community aspect is what makes Waze so cool, and it is great to feel connected to something larger than yourself when you’re traveling. In addition, Waze is integrated with Facebook, which makes it easy to share your ETA with friends. The only downside to Waze is that it is only really useful when you are traveling via car.


Sygic is great for anyone who is traveling by car when abroad. Powered by TomTom, it offers 3D and 2D maps of a wide range of countries across the planet. What makes it such a great navigation map is that is offers parking information. When you are driving overseas, one of the biggest challenges in figuring out parking availability and prices; with Sygic, you have parking information for more than 40 million lots at your fingertips. In addition, Sygic pairs with your wearable devices, like your smartwatch, making it very easy to use without having to fumble with your phone.


If you’re going to be traveling in the country, Komoot is definitely a navigation app you need on your device. Originally developed in Germany, this app offers hiking and biking maps through Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. If you plan on going off the beaten path at all during your trip, Komoot is essential. It offers topographic maps, turn-by-turn voice navigation, and customized virtual tour guides. It is also integrated with social media so you can share your adventures online with your friends and family.


Scout is the ideal app if you will be traveling with others. As a social navigation app, you can use Scout to easily coordinate your travels with people in your network. Find out the best places to eat and important spots to visit from people you trust, and share your arrival time and any travel changes with the people who care.


You may have never heard of HERE WeGo, but it is the ideal app for traveling in a foreign city. With more than 100 countries represented, you can easily navigate through a variety of places with this app. This app is great because you can use it to find points of interest such as attractions, ATMs, and restaurants. You also get real-time updates, pricing, and directions for public transportation; you can even order a cab and get an estimate right away through the app. HERE WeGo also offers information about multiple transit options, such as bike lane navigation that includes elevation details.

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