Important Tips When Travelling in Europe for Business, Pt 2

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In our previous blog post, we discussed some important tips to remember when traveling in Europe for business. We learned that making sure that your travel documents are in line is a must. You don’t want to risk needing to delay your trip or encountering frustrations along the way. It’s also imperative that you understand the differences between business culture in places in Europe and other regions. Having a firm grasp on those differences can sometimes be the difference between a success and failure when it comes to your business negotiations.

In today’s blog, we’re going to learn about a few more ideas for staying in the know for your next business trip to Europe! Continue reading to learn more!

Tip #6: Try to Keep Everything in Your Carry On

When you’re taking an extended business trip and you know you’ll be gone a certain number of weeks, it can be tempting to check a bag instead of carrying everything on. However, the risks of losing your luggage is always going to be there when you check baggage and when you’re on a business trip, you don’t want to gamble with the possibility of not having your sports coats or heels for important meetings; try to keep everything with you when flying.

Tip #7: Break The Ice Before Negotiations

As with many business meetings with people you’re meeting for the first time, it can be enormously beneficial to have some time to “break the ice” before the actual business talk starts. This is even more important when we’re talking about business between people of different cultures. Take some time before you begin the business meeting for some small talk. Exchange stories, try to enjoy a laugh or two and get to know each other as people before you begin talking business. This will help establish mutual respect and understanding throughout your official interactions.

Tip #8: Bring Comfortable Walking Shoes

Though your purposes for going to Europe are strictly for business, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you leave enough time to get out and about and see some beautiful sights while you’re there. Even if you don’t have much time for sightseeing, you’ll still want to have comfortable shoes in case you need to walk from your hotel to a designated place for your business ventures. Either way, between traveling and sightseeing, you’ll probably be on your feet more than you normally are; you’ll be thankful that you brought comfortable shoes.

Tip #9: Make Sure That You Have Plenty of Local Currency

If like many people, you don’t carry cash, as a rule, you might be shocked to travel to places that still depend on cash to purchase goods and services. You definitely don’t want to find yourself in a bind if your cab driver or market cashier doesn’t take your credit card; make sure that you get plenty of local currency when you first get to the country that you’ll be staying in. Though many places in Europe can honor your credit card, you’re definitely in a better spot when you plan ahead and get plenty of local cash.

Tip #10: Be Flexible When it Comes to Time

Many people comment that though the nations in Europe are so close geographically, they can sometimes be culturally as different as night and day. For example, your business associates in Northern European countries such as Britain, Germany, Scandinavian countries, and Switzerland often operate to a strict schedule and consider tardiness a huge faux pas.

On the other hand, many folks from some southern European countries like Greece, Italy, and Spain often have a very different set of priorities when it comes to time management and punctuality. Being on time is a much more fluid concept and people can even carry on multiple conversations at once. Do your best to blend into the culture of whatever region you’re in and remember to stay flexible and unoffended by the cultural norms that seem foreign to you.

Tip #11: Get a Sapphire MiFi Hotspot

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No matter what kind of business you’re in, you can always benefit from a few tips for traveling in Europe. Remember to do your research and be smart about how you treat people from different cultures. Your research and preparation could be the difference between a business deal going through and falling through.

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