Summer travel packing tips

Pack for your destination

You know where you are going — don’t over-plan or over-pack for your trip. Survey after survey of travelers report that they packed way too much.

Pack Light, and Wear Your Heavy Items

If you’re a smart traveler and only use a carry-on bag, be sure to wear the bulkier items like a coat and boots, so they don’t take up space in your suitcase. If you check-in your baggage, and you are over the limit, don’t pay $50. Just suit up with the heaviest items and stuff your carry-on bag.

Light suitcase

Get a Light Suitcase

I once made this mistake. I bought a tactical-style suitcase made extra strong. But it was 15 pounds when empty!  (Now I only use this tuff bag for road trips). The less a case weighs, the more stuff you can take with you or bring back. Samsonite makes light-weight hardshell luggage. Swiss Gear makes sturdy, yet light luggage. After all, they are experts at packing a lot of tools in those Swiss Army knives.

Bring Along a Pocket-Size Wi-Fi Hotspot

To keep you connected on the go, buy a Sapphire2 portable Wi-Fi device. It comes with 1GB of data with coverage in more than 130 countries. Don’t rely on your smartphone when traveling overseas, you could be hit with huge roaming charges and yet be without a secure internet signal when you need it most.

Use Shower Caps to Cover Your Shoes

Save those shower caps you get in hotel rooms and use them to cover the shoes you pack. You know where they have been! If you have size 11 or larger, use small trash can liners.

No-Wheel Luggage

If you are traveling to rugged places, wheels snap off or get clogged up. Wheels take up interior space. Wheels on carry-on luggage? Come on! Carry your duffel bag for an extra workout.

Pack Healthy Snacks in Your Carry-on Bag

Protein bars, like Premier Protein’s peanut butter bar, packs 30 grams of protein. Quest Nutrition has cookies and cream with  21 grams of protein and only 4 grams of net carbs. You will save $20 by avoiding airport vendor prices.

By Gregory Michael